Rate the Transmogrified Death Knight Above

85 Human Death Knight

At the cost of less than 1g, 1 unholy rune and to look like every other dk?

/golf clap 5/10
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85 Orc Death Knight

I hate your helm. And it's the not hate that fuels me to overcome impossible odds.. just straight up hate.

5/10 for spending VP to look like a pally. I guess.
90 Gnome Death Knight
Check me out biznitches!! :P
85 Draenei Death Knight
Not bad really, seems a waste to transmog into gear thats normally just in use by many atm. 5/10. like i said, not ugly, just not for me.

I know almost every dk in the world uses the same leg transmog but Draenei are to too top heavy for me to wear anything else! i look unbalanced in normal leg armor.
90 Human Death Knight
Meh 6/10

Put some hair on it would be 7 :> I like how it's "plain" but still Matches a dk, dark. Very well thought out

ME ON THE OTHER HAND! I think My set Represents the dk the most.

Just remember my Weapon has 2 deathcoils flying around the tip of the sword.
90 Gnome Death Knight
I actually quite like yours Aride. The T10 shoulders are probably my favorite around. The colors of your gear all seem to work together well and such. 9/10 simply because it's probably 2 of the most common sets that DK's mog to (of course my main is in dk starter gear mog, so I'm not one to talk lol).
85 Blood Elf Death Knight

Shiny green ball.
100 Blood Elf Death Knight

Sorry - Biased against DK Tier 12 lol
And not a fan of the Ikki Tousen eye patch haha

But your white hair complements the set-

86 Night Elf Death Knight
Id say 6/10. It looks like the shoulders/boots dont match up

I need a better tabard sadly... suggestions?

Edited by Valaeir on 3/17/2012 12:16 AM PDT
85 Human Death Knight
2/10... would not bang


Get your gloves, and farm those 300 arena wins for the Tabard of Brute Forceand I think you'd be golden. All-in-all a 7.5/10
85 Draenei Death Knight
2/10... would not bang


Get your gloves, and farm those 300 arena wins for the Tabard of Brute Forceand I think you'd be golden. All-in-all a 7.5/10

Ill admit, at first I saw the helm in the icon and rolled my eyes...then I actually looked at the armory and love it. 9/10. I like the purple and the splash of green with the tabard/helm.

Removed my weapons for armory because the pose is stupid and they're ugly as sin anyway. :D
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92 Human Death Knight
10/10 nice pants :D

Havnt found a nice pair of shoulders yet but working on it. Good plate shoulders for dk's
are damn near one of the hardest things to find (without doing lv85 raids)
Edited by Mouse on 3/17/2012 4:54 AM PDT
85 Orc Death Knight
9/10 for your shoulders.

Your gear is pretty decent for a dk that all I can say so 8/10.
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90 Goblin Death Knight

I love the set, even more I love them blue. Plus you found a good matching pair of boots.
However you lose a point because the mace is hideous.
90 Tauren Death Knight

I just don't think dks should wear skirts
85 Orc Death Knight
ok now i got just got a better looking mace that goes with my armor and also like you armor with the helm and swords give it a 9/10
Edited by Deathnero on 3/17/2012 11:42 AM PDT
90 Undead Death Knight
Very nice set Zala! 10/10! The color combination you have is fantastic! Also love Last Laugh, I really need to get that bad boy!
100 Blood Elf Death Knight
8/10 desaad. The bones showing do it for me
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