How is this realm?

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I am on the east coast and can not stay up very late at that. How is population? How is progression? How are the trolls? How many PUGs are there? Thanks.
P.S.: I am also considering proudmoore, is that a better guild?
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Population is ok i guess?

Only one guild really competed in progression and thats Fatal Union.

I don't play Horde so idk how many Trolls are there. Maybe more Orcs and Undead then anything.

I see pugs forming everyday on alliance side.
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Not sure why the response you received was for horde information since you are alliance.

As a semi-new transplant of Kargath I quite like this server. So far I have met a lot of really nice people and enjoy talking with them. Of course youre going to have trolls/dbags on every server, and there are a few, but its pretty tame compared to other servers I have been on. Easily ignored and you learn pretty quick which guilds have a lot of players with bad attitudes.

Population is probably around the medium range. Active AH and good prices, even though a large part of that is the contribution by botters=/

There are a few progression guilds on the server. Obviously Fatal Union is the best on server, and they are horde side. There are two 25 man alliance guilds who are 6/8h (Electric Sheep) and 5/8h (The Iron Fist). As far as 10 man progression on Alliance I believe Ethos is 6/8h with many others following. Essentially, if youre looking for a hard-core realm, this is not it.

Pugs are always bountiful that I see. Many times you can run almost all content the game has to offer. Many DS groups are either PuG or guild runs looking for a few people to fill the raid. It get a bit more quiet later at night, so a majority of the activity is during the day.

I have no opinions to offer on Proudmoore, since I have never played on that server, though I hear its great for Alliance.
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^ got trolled
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Even if I did, its still information that others can see if they happen to stop by these forums with the same questions.
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Regarding Proudmore, from what I've heard (Elethia was originally from proudmoore, perlite), it's a much more active high pop realm than Kargath. But I really don't know much else about it.

Population: Medium-low I think, favoring Alliance.
Progression: Pretty bad lol unless you just care about normal modes. Just a handful of hardmode progressed guilds.
Trolls: We have a lot of wannabe trolls but most are pretty bad about it. A few jerks, too (believe it or not, there's a difference between the two).
PUGs: I guess we have some, but their quality is likely mediocre at best. I avoid pugging, typically.
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Take the I out of your name = Kargath
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