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I made a worgen warrior and am a bit stick on the best way to RP her any ideas/suggestions all?
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maybe her wolf-girl-ness is like her rage as a warrior, perhaps something she tries to hide or supress but gets the better of her in moments of anger or fear. =D

it might even make her shy or seem cowardly since she wants to avoid another "episode."
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I would say it's relatively easy to come up with a backstory with how involved the starter zone is. I'd say the only thing you really need to work on is where in Gilneas your toon came from and go from there. You can gather from what the area looks like what that place/village specialized in, aka farming/fishing/etc.

Come up with a history of what they did for a living I'd say, and then say they hopped a boat to Darnassus and go from there. Maybe being with elves was too much of a culture shock and they went to Stormwind? Or maybe they were opposed to the kingdom led by Terenas and struck it out on their own? Multitude of options for you, just ripe for the picking. My only suggestion is research, but that's true for any character.

As for character traits, I'm afraid you're on your own for that one, though I'd be happy to offer ideas. That's generally whatever your preference is. :P
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You know, since it's been shown in game that the bite is what causes the curse, your worgen could have been a resident of Stormwind and not even involved with Gilneas at all. They could be a new worgen, they could be one that was infected when the walls came down by a feral, they might even have been infected from a worgen from Pyrewood! Not only do you have the option of making them from Gilneas, they could have lived their whole lives outside the walls and have become one after the gates were opened! That's my two cents.
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THanks for all the help.
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