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Has anyone on Onyxia realm been harassed by this/these persons. I am sure they all are the same.


I personally have! They invite to group then leaves? If you ignore they just bash you in trade chat? Ok! Blizz's fix is to just ingonre! OMG! fix?! no!!!!!!

So, if you are tired of this harassment plz comment here maybe blizz will finally do something other than just send out form letters.

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I'm sick of hearing this nutcase on Onyxia, i have 30 + screenshots of him raging his little nerd face off, and this is not what I'm paying for either.
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Both myself and my husband were harrassed by these characters...him by Msauctionpwn and me by forsakenhell. Definitely not what I'm paying for.

New post...it was under wrong server
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Same but not on this toon, (I'm sure it will now tho) I only play the ones he knows nothing about. Started with me posting inscription. I am glad he knows nothing about my other toons I do play. He will make another to harass you on if you ignore him, been doing that for a while now. Funny how most of us are girl toons, maybe he's hoping he will get a date....not likely. They have sites for that buddy, try one, or maybe you did and that did not work. I know one thing, picking on females is about a low as you can get, next it will be kids, oh wait he does that too, he picks on my son as well. O.o *applause*
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He has been doing this since the start of WoTLK...he is a sad man ..you would think it was a child with his bad grammar and words but hes a man. He thinks he is the best at trash talking, playing the auction house and killing "nubs". I used to have screenshots that would make me laugh anytime i looked at them of what he would do, hes pathetic...he will be up near 24 hours of the day to keep posting auctions..prob with the itouch app or something because hes not online often...im surprised to see this person playing still because he was flamed pretty hard during wotlk on the forums with pictures someone found of him. He will repost nonstop and even make himself lose money just to make himself think that he runs the market...there have been times during wotlk when i would drive his eternal prices down buy his items and sell them BACK to him...Clearly hes good at playing the auctionhouse on a non near extinct server. Just ignore him...if hes been getting away with harassment since WoTLK then i highly doubt much will be done on this matter to stop him this long after. Nothing you can really do but laugh at this and put in a ticket.
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I'd imagine those pictures are the reason South Park made the WOW episode, eh? I can hear Sexy & I know it playing in the background too. YIKES!
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all those toons are owned by 1 person
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