I am a ex Hardcore raider looking to get back in to hard core raiding for Mists of Pandaria. I am putting this up now to try to stand out from all the recruitment hardcore guilds do for xpacks, and because I have no intention to raid this Patch because of lack of gear and want to start new for next xpack so I see no reason why not to post this now.

The classes I have in order of which I would like to play (understanding that some guilds only need a certain class over another) I understand how early this post is I will redo it closer to the end of the Patch as well when guilds no more about Quitting players and Spec changes). Would rather be ally then horde have friends on the ally side of this server.

Pally (tank only)
Druid (Feral DPS/Tank or Resto)
Warrior Any spec
Death knight (DPS only)
Shammy (Hance/Resto)
Priest ( Healer only )

Raid History

I cleared all this content on 2 toons Resto/Freal druid for bc / wrath (when i was "hard core raiding") pally in catta just normal raiding.

Cleared all content in BC.
Cleared all content in Wrath 10 man from TOC on.
Cleared all content in Catta.
Patch 1 5/12 heroics
Patch 2 up to Rag I was on holiday when my guild killed him and then they didn't raiding (led me to quit)
Patch 3 Only raid finder just to see content.

If you would like to talk to me post here and I will talk to use. ( submit a guild app or so on )