Alliance Downs All 4 Horde Leaders

90 Gnome Mage
Well done Alliance, a group of 30-40 brave souls annihilated the Horde leaders late Saturday night immediately following the alliance kicking out an attack at mage tower in Stormwind.

Thank you to all who attended, horde included, making it a very fun event we should do more often. Special thanks to the healers who did an EXCELLENT job.

Great turn-out by most, if not all, the major guilds on Alliance!

Enjoy the new mounts alliance! Horde, we'll be swingin by again real soon. ;)

Question (no flames please): when was the last time alliance was able to do this on Drak'Tharon? I'm curious.
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90 Human Death Knight
That raid was tons of fun. First raid I was in where we actually killed all four bosses(to be fair I haven't been around all that long)! I was happy to get a taste of what it is to be a horde on Drak'Tharon.

Also just curious about when the last time something of this scale was done by alliance (I have been in a few semi-successful attempts in the last few months)! A horde perspective on this would also be greatly appreciated. =D

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85 Draenei Shaman
Last time this happened? I think either the start of Cata just before the server just about cut in half... or back in WoTLK.
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90 Gnome Mage
Thanks Meepz. Wow, that's a long time! Way to bring back world pvp!

In any event it was still lots of fun, even more with Horde getting warning we were coming to Org (Image was in trade chat on alliance after we got just the first boss!). Horde spies, let them come. It'll just make for a more fun world pvp event. :)

Next challenge...taking over a major city (common areas by AH) and holding it for more than an hour. No, Mage tower does not count. :P
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