My Epic Huntard Story - Part 5

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Wait, what? I made a fifth story! Completely unsure how this is gonna turn out, but I made it cause the Vahl being fat stereotype is hilarious as hell still, so yeah. I didn’t make this before cause I got banned twice from these on the forums cause of certain terms I used. So yeah, enjoy! If you have no idea what this is, here are the links to the last four. FYI #1 sucked #2 was pro. Kcool.

The Hazmatian Empire was struggling. Ore coming in was almost non-existent due to the lack of miners and thus they did not have money. Instead, Hazmat began to loot cities that had been killed off by their armies during expansion of his empire. All of Northrend was being patrolled by cult members, and any of them that complained were quickly chained to the ground in the closest lake, until they drowned. Everyday Hazmat began to ponder the fact that maybe Vahlkano DID die. Maybe from obesity? Maybe he was killed by animals? That was his hope.

In reality, Vahlkano was in the cave, eating as much as he could and reaching an outstanding weight of 900. He had a feeling that death would come soon enough, but Cerakua was determined to fight all of them off, and with their new gadgets from Plies, it may be possible, but extremely unlikely. Plies and Kwarou were busy with the cleansing process at all hours of daylight, making days pretty boring. Vahlkano was fine with it though, he didn’t have to move.

Amiracle’s crew had arrived in Dragonblight. On the way, BigStinkyDK jumped off the ship to try and escape the labor, but was shot while he was in the water by Fajosu. They searched around and found that all camps were now owned by the Hazmatian Empire, thus they had to be careful, and if in trouble Bizal could make them all invisible for a short period of time.

One night while in Grizzly Hills, Amiracle had an idea. He told everybody to leave him alone, and set up a tent for himself, and went in it alone. For six hours, Amiracle meditated. Everybody waited outside, some discussed with close friends a plan to escape, but then thought about Hellcomer. He then came outside, and he was glowing with power. Everybody jumped back and cowered in fear, not knowing what he would do.

Suddenly, Amiracle began talking in a mystical voice that was not his, and he looked towards the sky. People could easily run away, but were too curious to see what would happen. The whole sky flashed with lightning so bright, if you kept looking at it you might become blind. Once the lightning faded, the word Vahlkano appeared across the whole sky, and then a great deep voice boomed.

“Vahlkano, we are here to fight on your side until the death. Reveal yourselves to us, and we shall come with great swiftness to your aid. Do not hesitate, your time is running out, the Hazmatian Empire will find you within the next five days.”

Amiracle fainted as soon as he said the last word.

All of Northrend heard it, the Cult was running wild, trying to contact Hazmat, and looking around in the sky for more signals. Vahlkano was confused as to what to do, as was Naturesbf, Cerakua and Kwarou. Plies, however, was all smiles.

“Use your searchlight, there is only one person who could manage this. That would have to be the famous shaman from Booty Bay, there are none better. Quickly, and get in position to fight as the Cult will be coming as well.”

Vahlkano trusted him, and put up the searchlight. The light emitted from it was incredible, it lit up the whole sky above them, and could probably be seen from Dragonblight! Naturesbf flew on top of the entrance to the cave and went stealth, Cerakua camouflaged in a nearby bush, and Vahlkano, not wanting to stand, sat on a nearby rock and ate a Azerothian Poptart. Kwarou and Plies stayed in the cave, but armed themselves incase they invaded.
Amiracle was passed out, but Midvale saw it. He considered leaving and going to kill Vahlkano himself, but decided to stay and lead the charge, and if he wanted to he could kill Vahlkano afterwards.

“Lets go, be faster than you ever have before, lets go help our King!”

They began to run to Zul’drak, BigStinkyDK held Vahlkano. They moved with incredible speed, but could only go so fast.

Within five minutes, Vahlkano’s crew was overwhelmed. About fifteen cult members were attacking them. Cerakua shot two in the skull right away, but was knocked to the ground, Naturesbf summoned a cyclone and flung four of them off into the distance, but Vahlkano accidentally stepped on his bow and snapped it in half. Instead, he pulled out the paralyzing grenade and flew it. It was a very successful move and it paralyzed five of them. Unfortunately, there was still four of them firing, slashing, and hacking at the three of them.
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Kwarou, noticing they were in trouble, started healing from within the cave, starting with Cerakua. Plies then felt guilty and roared. Kwarou, trembled and stopped healing, because he knew what had happened. Plies had gone back into the death knight part of him. He was darker than Kwarou had ever seen him, and he began rising the two cultists that Cerakua shot and had them fight against the last four. Kwarou cried in agony, this would make all the cleansing he did useless.

Plies was going insane, cackling maniacally. The other four cultists died, and they rested for about two minutes. Their peace wasn’t permanent, twenty more cult members came into view and began attacking relentlessly. Kwarou refused to help, his last three years of work was now meaningless, he kneeled on the ground and closed his eyes.

Cerakua started retreating into the cave, Vahlkano finally stood up and threw arrows at them, which did nothing. Naturesbf tried to attack, but was getting shot at. Plies was a madman and started going to the front of the cave, hacking with his axe at all that came, he killed three but then was shot in the stomach by a gun of a warrior. He stepped back, then fell, and lost consciousness. Vahlkano started running for his life to the back of the cave, which was only maybe 30 yards, and brought all the food that he could with him, hoping it might be saved. Cerakua, realizing this was the end, called out as loud as she could.

“Naturesbf, fly! Fly away, leave us, we have no chance, I am out of arrows, our teammates are useless…”

Naturesbf had a tear run down his face, and then used his rocket boots. He began to fly away, and was shot in the air, and used the parachute as well. He saw something rapidly approaching, torches, and began to sob. More cultists, he thought.

Naturesbf was wrong, it was Amiracle’s group. Amiracle was now up and running, and seeing Naturesbf in the air increased their pace through pure adrenaline, knowing there was an issue. When they reached the cave, they saw the battle, and immediately began attacking, starting with the five paralyzed enemies.

The cultists were demolished, they were attacked from behind, and were all killed in a matter of 15 seconds. Cerakua let out a huge sigh of relief and began thanking everyone one by one. Kwarou stood up, with a blank expression, and looked at the dark and bleeding image of Plies.

“I can not help him, and will not. He has gone against all that I taught him, and my healing would most likely only hurt him now. Let him perish, he is scum.”

Kwarou walked outside for fresh air. Bizal burned all of the enemy bodies and all that was left was a lot of ash. Vahlkano ate more Azerothian Poptarts, as after having to move 30 yards, he was exhausted and hungry. Amiracle went up to him and shook his hand, and said they should rest for a day then begin their assault on the Hazmatian Empire the next morning. Vahlkano agreed and went to sleep.

Plies was set on a bed, and it was discussed whether or not to keep him alive. Finally, they agreed Lien should heal him using his life siphoning abilities. Lien accepted but warned them of a likely side effect.

“I have no issue doing it, as it will harm me very little, however I caution, I can only heal the wound directly, thus if he has by then already lost anything else, say blood or the ability to do something, he will not regain it.”
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After the procedure was completed, Plies was healed but when he was shot, his spine among other things were injured, and he lost the use of one leg, as well as all of his fingers. His leg was also diseased in the battle, possibly from himself, and had to be amputated. Blazestone took care of that, and Midvale attempted to make him a mechanical leg.

When Hazmat heard the news, he began (nerd)raging and ordered the execution of all other cultists in Zul’Drak due to them not attacking that night, the executions amounted to about fifty. Hazmat then created a group of thirty extreme skilled soldiers, and put the incredible Bloodraptor as their leader. It is said that Bloodraptor can shiv so good, he can clear regular Magisters Terrace.

Hazmat’s plan was to cover all three exits of Zuldrak, one through the west which leads to Crystalsong Forest, one through the southwest which leads to Dragonblight, and one through the south which leads to Grizzly Hills. Ten soldiers were to be posted at each exit, with Bloodraptor at the Dragonblight exit, since that was the most probable path. Two portals were put at each camp, and the two portals went to the two other spots. Thus, you could transport instantly to any of the exits. Whichever exit got attacked, Hazmat would make the portal to take red, and then almost instantly they would have thirty there to defend.

Vahlkano and his 18 companions, were trapped.

I apologize if this wasn’t that good, I didn’t expect it to be, I had the stories planned out before I quit making them, and then I forgot, so when I made this I had no idea what my plan was heh. PLEASE comment, I want your feedback kthx. (How terribad was it?)
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i hate u
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Wtb more druid parts <3
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