who you look up too (wow players)

90 Troll Shaman
this is another one of my forum ideas where u list people u like and look up to. it can be about who ever IN BLADEFIST but just make sure u tell ur reason etc etc etc
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100 Dwarf Hunter
In Burning Crusade, I looked up to Wooting a lot, but since I don't really look up to anyone lol. Now if considering off-server, I look up to Kripp (Kripparrian) for my hunter and Mesmerize for my dk. Both of them are outstanding players and the best at what they do in my opinion.
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90 Human Warrior
Ok if we can go off server than i will say i liked xav from premonition's video of him kiting the fanatics on heroic lady d, looked like so much fun i just had to try it.
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85 Human Warrior
talthanis and snowslayer
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86 Human Priest
Myself :O
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85 Dwarf Shaman
skeightborde. rest his soul....
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76 Tauren Hunter
defran from back in amaze days, he was one of the most intelligent players I ever played with, also, a shammy named kenetic is the reason I made a shammy, he was doing 1300 dps back in Kara in Kara gear as enhance, was amazing, I think he ended up in altered existence, last player I truly looked up to was Joe from facta, can't remember his toons names atm, but man that dude is freaking amazing at any class he plays!
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100 Tauren Hunter
Dr wevil
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85 Undead Warlock
that Ëlemental kid is pretty good
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100 Draenei Shaman
I look up to Zyzz
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85 Human Warrior
To be honest with you, i look up to puddinator.
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90 Tauren Paladin
Well i always look up to Yahmon whenever i have questions and helps me out alot expesually at tips
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88 Troll Warlock
I look up to a warlock named Calenhand. I remember he helped me with some deungeons and hes a good warlock
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85 Blood Elf Warlock
Back when I actually raided, Worr. RIP.
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