Gag Reflex's DS25 GDKP | Mon 3/26, 5PM ST

100 Night Elf Priest
Changes Since Firelands:
: There will be a 5,000g buy-in per person that will go into the "pot" at the beginning of the run, which provides an incentive for people stay. So, if everyone stays until the last boss dies, then everyone gets their 5,000g back. If someone ditches early, they forfeit their share of the pot and their buy-in is split between the remaining raiders.

Destroyer's End Title: If a player signs up on a character that does not already have the title "Destroyer's End", regardless of whether or not you have it on another toon, there will be a 10,000g fee that goes into the "pot". Reasoning behind this: If the character does not have "Destroyer's End" yet, then they are being carried and their fellow raiders should be paid accordingly. If the character already has the title, then there is no fee for them.


This will be a Gag Reflex hosted GDKP run of the third tier of Cataclysm content. We will, as a guild, do invitations, run the bidding, give out assignments, etc.



Run Time and Info
Date: Monday, March 26th
Time (ST): Invites at 4:40pm, backups at 4:50pm, fill with pugs and pull at 5pm
Bosses: Looking to down 8/8N

If you're not familiar with the fights please do your homework (watch videos, research mechanics) and be ready. The more we get down, the more money we make or gear we earn.

How to Sign Up
If you are interested in coming, please make a post on this thread with the following:
Name, Spec, iLvL, and Experience. If you have viable offspecs or alternate characters you're willing to bring feel free to include them as well.

If you cannot make it and you signed up, please make a new post in this thread alerting me so I can take you off and someone on reserve can attend. If someone who signed up does not show and does not provide ample warning, it is possible they may be passed over in the future. Lack of performance, knowledge of previous lack of performance, or removal from the raid group may also cause a person to be passed over in the future.

What a Gold DKP is
If you're not familiar with the GDKP system, it is a very simple concept - NO rolling, NO reserved items, NO MS>OS. BRING YOUR GOLD. Every item will be auctioned off to the highest bidder (you pay gold for the item you want) in raid chat. At the end of the night, the "Purse of Gold" will be evenly split between ALL players that were present at the end of the run. People who leave early or are removed will not receive a share of the gold. People can be removed from the raid for any number of reasons we see fit, including poor performance or lack of knowledge of bosses.

If you do not have the gold on you then we cannot give you the item, so please come prepared.

Bid Rules
1.) You may bid on as many items as you want
2.) The sky is the limit on bidding - only minimums, no max
3.) Bidding must be done in raid chat
4.) BoE epics that drop (including patterns) will be bid upon with the next boss's loot
5.) Maelstroms and non-epic drops will be clumped together into one 'junk-pot' bid at the end of the run

Bid Minimums
397/403 epic items: 2000g minimum
410 epic items: 4000g minimum
BoE Patterns: 2000g minimum
*Minimum bid increment: 500g
'Junk-Pot' (end of run): 100g and 100g increments

Important: WE ARE GOING UNTIL WE CAN'T KILL ANYTHING ELSE. If you plan to leave after the second boss, don't sign up and don't complain when you don't get your cut or buy-in back. It is very difficult to replace people who leave early.

Don't be discouraged if you're on reserves list, there is a very good chance you'll end up running. People are added first based on the order they signed up and second based on our opinion of them as a raider. Adjustments may be made based on what's best for the raid, so reserves should be online and ready to go for invites.

The Legendary Quest Line Receivers
The legendary quest items are reserved unless otherwise noted.
:: Elementium Gem Clusters: None

Legendary Quest Line Items
Gag Reflex members receive these items free of charge because it is a guild-run group. If an outside raider is to receive them, they are bid upon at the beginning of the run and the winner will receive ALL of those items for that night only.
:: Elementium Gem Clusters: 20,000g Min bid || 1000g increment

Please feel free to ask any clarifying questions you may have.


3/19 - 14,780 Each (369,500 total) 8/8 with 0 HM - Blazing Drake dropped
3/12 - 14666.66.66 Each (352,000 total) 8/8 with 0 HM - ended with 24
3/5 - 14,300 Each (357,500 total) 8/8 with 0 HM
2/27 - 13,832 Each (345,800 total) 8/8 with 0 HM
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100 Night Elf Priest

1. Premiér (Prot Pally)

3. Teeknee (Disc Priest)
4. Ety (Holy Paladin)
5. Entangled (Resto Druid)
6. Iskreme (Holy Paladin)
7. Fullmoon (Resto Druid)
8. Kisli (Resto Shaman)

DPS - Ranged
9. Tirez (Shadow Priest)
10. Damestra (Hunter)
11. Morpheo (Hunter)
12. Kuntakintayy (Hunter)
13. Gymtansmoosh (Shadow Priest)
14. Humours (Warlock) - Tentative
14b. Valkyra (Hunter)

15. Vanillacola (Mage)
16. Lankiie (Mage)
17. Amarexqt (Mage)

DPS - Melee
18. Ultrafood (Feral DPS)
19. Rokn (Rogue)
20. Anataru (Ret Pally)
21. Samy (Arms Warrior)
22. Youjellybrah (Feral DPS)
23. Leykyia (Feral DPS)
24. Jvstice (Ret Pally)
25. Rainmistery (Rogue)

Reserves - In no particular order

- Oyumi (Hunter)

Again, I ask that reserves are online and ready to go for invites.

People who signed up with no title
10k fee at the end + 5k buy in = bring at least 15k, 20k if you want to ever come back
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85 Human Warrior
id like to come venith
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100 Human Rogue
Rowley on hunter and his wife on feral again!
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90 Dwarf Hunter
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85 Human Hunter
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100 Draenei Hunter
394 SV Hunter would like to go again.
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89 Human Paladin
i would like to come this week Jvstice ret
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100 Human Priest
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90 Draenei Paladin
I am unable to make it to the raid. Can you please retract my name from the list. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Maltol (Hunter) and Lycanthro (Druid) also cannot make it.
Edited by Senkrads on 3/20/2012 11:35 PM PDT
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90 Pandaren Shaman
I'll come in again on Entangled, would also like to swap to Alliene for Ultraxion.
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100 Human Priest
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100 Human Priest
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90 Human Mage
As usual, 396 mage lfg~
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100 Human Warrior
Put me on as back up for now but going to try and bring Gobot again i can tank or heal.
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90 Human Paladin
Oyumi - 392 Hunter Again
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90 Pandaren Shaman
15% nerf means heroics yes?
Oh wait that doesnt fix bad play

There's an insult in here somewhereeeeeeee!!!
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