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Greetings, The Scryers!

I am posting this thread on every RP server aside from Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord.

This is a survey of RP activity on the various RP servers, many of which are only vaguely known by WoW's RP community at large.

This was inspired by a handful of requests for insight on the various RP servers, which were met only with talk of Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord.

However, there are over a dozen RP servers out there, one of which is yours.

I would like to gather the feedback from each of these surveys after a week for a general consensus and post the findings altogether.

So if you are a role player, a member of an RP guild or have experiences and/or insight to share on the RP community of your server, for one faction or both, then please represent in this thread within one week of the original posting date.

Thank you very much to everyone who participates.


EDIT For Additional Notes!

1. Replies From Trolls Will Not Be Included In The Final Results Report / Every Server Has Its Trolls

2. The Final Results Reports Will Be Posted On The World's End Tavern Forum

3. Potential Feedback Topics :

- A history of the RP community
- Where the RP community is at / How the RP community is doing now
- Where new players to the server can go to find RP (RP 'hotspots')
- What the RP is like (very guild-based, more random, faction events, etc)
- Current RP Guilds (and what they're all about)

Again thank you very much to everyone who participates!

Let's keep the creative writing alive! =)
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The only RP I've seen around here in a while is in the Horde guild, <Rotten Luck>. Other than that, this is a pretty quiet server.

Good luck.
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Tru fax, you get laughed at in trade if you talk about RP :D I see it all the time on my alliance toons.
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90 Dwarf Paladin
yes go on, this entertains me at 345am.
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85 Worgen Warrior
03/20/2012 02:23 PMPosted by Ector
As you can see we have a rich RP community in which we are extremely proud. I know it’s nothing like Moonguard with all of its splendor and Nakedness but the Scryers is home. Last thing I want to share with you is the most beautiful RP wedding I have ever seen. I want to cry every time I see this video which was a bit before my time.

Don't fool yourself old man. Yes, there is a very secluded and small RP community, but Extremely proud of? Maybe you are, but this server doesn't embrace RP one bit. It is shunned. Once upon a time, long long ago, i ran an RP guild on this server and we had MAYBE 15 people, and i couldn't look in trade all that often cuz i got ridiculed for it.
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90 Draenei Shaman
I have been on the Scryers for years now, I remember when there was RP, though those days have passed and the server is over ran with PvErs and PvPers, Now don't get me wrong I raid but I do miss role playing very much. The hours spent is the park or Moonglade... or even near the end of it in Darnassus. I would have to say there is little to no RP left here though if there is anyone on the Alliance side feel free to wright me and ingame mail or if I'm line a quick whisper, I would love to fined a few people put there.
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((You're a badass if you remember every single post on the forums by me was done like this.))
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85 Tauren Paladin
True story.


That screenshot is like a !@#$ing time machine, holy old school batman.
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I could probably write a book on it, but TLDR someone tamed me, bad stuff happened, and it kind of ruined the fun in being a better version of Taltos. I've gotten over it since it happened, but I guess I just never got back into it.

Here's another one from old school Toren...Beatha Siorai <3

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90 Undead Priest
((Blizzard nerfed you by making Undercity not worth invading anymore.))

Beatha Siorai <3
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85 Tauren Paladin
I dunno, considering I was there probably 5-6 days out of a 7 day week...coulda been any day
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