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56 Human Warrior
Hi i've been playing this game for a while and was wondering how i could level as fast as should its told it takes about 2 months to go from 1-85 but i've been playing this game all year and haven't made much progress what should i do(p.s. i'm having difficulty finding the questing area for my lvl because i played a lot of dungeons so if u could let me know that would be great)
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90 Human Hunter
Heirloom gear would help you.
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90 Dwarf Priest
Well yes, you can queue up for battlegrounds (it's the little golden Alliance symbol/shield on your toolbar) gain honor through kills/winning and get heirlooms which add an experience bonus for kills/questing. Though at this point in the game you can level fairly quick without them, as long as you make good use of your game time.

Also, if you can manage to get to the middle of the trade district of Stormwind (the main city so I imagine you are around there at some point) or the Dwarven district there are the Heros' boards which will have big yellow !s like you see from quest givers, they'll direct you to level appropriate questing areas.

As for any other questions, I assume you're a new player and since you already know about the forums, you can go to the sub-forum titled "New Player Help and Guides" and look around there/ask questions for anything else, since our server's forum is slow most of the time.
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85 Tauren Paladin
quest faster
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90 Draenei Hunter
I think the Heirlooms would be your best bet tbh with you, and the addon Carbonite. it's a wonderous quest finding tool. idk how many really use it but I've found it very helpful when questing on any of my toons no matter the lvl or zone. give it a try and see if that helps you better than the one Blizz has built in.
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