Hey there! Fellow Illidanian here.

I have a Heroic Ragnaros raid lockout and in hopes of forming a 10 man team to down him this Sunday. I am going to have calendar invites & such and I am hoping to start around either 11:00 server or 12:00 server or between. I don't want it to be an all day thing but that is why the time is set. If you are interested, post reply here or add me on the realm of Illidan or mail me and I shall have Real ID.

I am in need of all classes. I truly wish to have everyone item level 400 + but if you have a legendary and are lower, that is fine and I am willing to take at least 398 or perhaps 395 depending on necessities.

Please have 6/7 HM experience but really Wanting to everyone have H Rag experience.

Currently in need of everything and this is for this upcoming Sunday, March 25th, 2012 at 11:00-12:00 SEVER TIME!

Post reply of interest or mail me or contact me in-game, thanks!