Closed. [H] Dabu 7/8 Heroic DS LF 1 DPS

90 Goblin Warlock
Hi Khadgar!

Dabu currently has an opening for one DPS in our 10m raiding group. Sadly, a current member can no longer raid due to a change in work schedule. It is important to note that we are only looking at individuals who want long term guilds, raiding not only heroic madness with us but MOP as well.

Here is a bit about us:
-Formed in BC, raiding since Wrath
-Relevant Progression: Rag killed second week of release, 7/7 Heroic FL, DW killed first week of release, 7/8 Heroic
-EPGP for loot
-Raid times: W 8-11, Friday 9:30-1, Sunday 8-11 PM EST.

We like to progress but also realize that real life comes before wow. All of us are 23+ and have careers, school, and other commitments that take up our time. Our main priority is to be competitive with ourselves while still seeing end game content. We do a lot together, not only in games (others include FPS and League of Legends) but outside of games too. Our guild works as a team and therefore gems, enchants, food, repairs, and BIS buyable gear is all provided to raiders. We also do incentives guild wide when finishing a tier of gear, gold we've made throughout is divided among raid members.

Its hard to describe a guild on a single page, but if we sound like something you might be interested in please come check us out - - or feel free to post here. An app is necessary as well as logs. If you have any questions feel free to contact me in game!
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Know I can't quite make raid times and only have a 392 mage to offer, I would absolutely love to raid with you guys!

Bumpity bump bump bump for a great guild!
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I highly recommend this guild to join if you are interested in heroic mode raiding on the horde side. Overall, a great group of folks.
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Thanks Daemanic and Omega for the bumps, I really appreciate it.

I wrote this post before going to bed last night and there are a few things I want to add. (I guess I was half awake as I realized after posting I didn't even put the raid times. Thank you Blizz for the ability to edit!) =P

Apps can be submitted privately (if you choose) and will remain within the guild. If your gear isn't the greatest, that is okay too. We care more about the person and overall fit than an ilvl, just make sure you have logs! We're 2 weeks out from getting all of our raid members the heroic rag mount, so if this is something you're interested in we can arrange for that too.

Anyway, enough of my spam, come app and have a great time with us!
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90 Gnome Warlock
Good luck in your search for a raider!
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90 Goblin Warlock
Thanks Necro. =)
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90 Goblin Warlock
Position fulfilled. Thanks for all the interest and apps.
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85 Goblin Rogue
just wanted, to post in ya'lls thread.. Gratz! on going 8/8 heroic. wish you guys the best of luck coming MoP!
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Congrats on your Madness kill guys! Hope you keep going strong come MoP.
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