New tank

85 Tauren Druid
I say Warrior. Druids get hurt a lot at low level, which can be a bit of a pain since you don't have any CD's. It's just trying to get that armor. Paladins are pretty cool, but I just never could get into playing one. As a few others on here said, you want to stay away from DK's.

Warriors, as Waniou said, are really fun. They're very easy to play, and charging things never gets old. At 85, they are very fun as well. Call me weird, but I really do enjoy playing with my stats to hit CTC cap.
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90 Night Elf Death Knight
dks are the most fun imo,but you soundt make it your 1st tank.pallys make for a nice starting tank if your geting use to tanking and they are fun pvping in as prot in the low pvp brakets.
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90 Troll Warrior
Ever since they've made DK tanking more forgiving, if you know the mechanics of a boss fight, it's all about reacting properly to the situation.

He melees hard? Prep your Death Strike to counter it, or build up a blood shield to soften the blow then counter with a nice DS heal. Or you know get one shotted, because he critted you and there's still that Improved Blood Presence Bug.

Magic? Pop AMS, and watch it tickle. Or take the whole brunt of the force and Death Strike heal it up and you'll have a nice Blood Shield.

It's all cooldown management on a Death Knight.

As for warriors, uhm, it's more of knowing the mechanics extremely well, and how to react to it as a warrior. Usually by moving away, and spamming Devastate. And Spell Reflect, or Pummel.

Also hit that 102.4 CTC cap as a warrior//paladin.
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No wisdom to add to the above, but I'd just say after rolling this warrior on a lark, I'm having a lot of fun.

I tanked my DK, although that meant that there were a lot of fun low-level dungies that I missed and tanked for the first time with my warrior

It took a little time to get used to the rage mechanic, but after I got Charge in Defensive Stance, things got fun.

I prefer warrior tanking over DK tanking. Can't really say why, but it feels like this class was born to tank.

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100 Tauren Warrior
Druids are stupid easy. They have active damage reduction kinda like DKs. But they're the ez mode of it.

Warriors have a huge tool box, but if it's your first tank, the massive amount of options may seem overwhelming.

Pallys have a pretty easy straightforward way of tanking.

For a first tank, I'd recommend pallys, or if you feel they're over populated: druids
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