I ask this because I have a friend levelling leatherworking, and I'm maxed enchanting. she sends me what she makes so it can be disenchanted, but I'm not seeing any use for the mats, and I honestly don't have the time to waste putting these mats in the AH for it to come back to me every 24 hours. So my question is, would anybody be interested in doing business? I'm unsure of a price yet, but I feel we could talk it out - I'm willing to go to a very low price on these as I currently see no use for it, and don't wish to put anymore of these in my guild bank. This is approximately enchanting mats starting in the 1-200 area, feel free to message me in game (alt 130 to make the E in my name, or just /who ception to see if I'm online, or ask a guild member of mine) and I'd be happy to do business with anyone, whether it be someone levelling their profession, needing mats for their guild, or someone who thinks they could make money buying and re-selling these mats, I personally don't care. I just want to find something to do with these. If you can't figure out the name, feel free to reply to this but keep in mind I'm not on onyxia forums often