How do you feel about killing garrosh?

100 Tauren Druid
warning, incoming "bubbleobutthurt " : TL:DR

he cant handle reading for more than 30 sec, it takes short replies or his brain goes into a self protection mode.
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100 Night Elf Druid
Just looking at that huge wall hurt my eyes
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90 Dwarf Paladin
Huge wall? Good thing i didn't have that problem, otherwise a college education would have been real difficult to deal with. I'll go separate it out for you guys
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92 Tauren Druid
Garrosh is a giant d-bag, Thrall turned his back on us and can't be trusted, Vol Jin is a troll and we saw through the Zul's how corrupt and religiously fanatical they can be, Bane is too young, Sylvanas is too power hungry much like a skeevy female Garrosh. The only real option is to have Sylvanas power rez Cairne and for Cairne to go berzerk, take out Sylvanas for waking him and leaving a creature of nature in an undead state, murder the crap out of Big G the D-bag, then take his place as the ruler of undeadville and TB thus making him the ruler by majority over the Horde. Or just bring back Thrall and I'll /suspicious him every time i see him....w/e as long as they leave my tinker out of it.
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90 Troll Hunter
I can't stand Garrosh. He's divided the Horde, and his tactical decision-making is abominable. The intro scene to MoP made clear that he's become nothing more than a tyrant bent on dominion, which is never what the Horde was about; the New Horde was premised on self-preservation in the face of relentless, blind persecution by the Alliance.

It was posited to me that Baine may be in line as the next Warchief- see his directives re: the prince of Stormwind in Pandaria, for more insight into his merits as a leader.

I will be overjoyed to loot Garrosh's dead body, personally
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100 Tauren Druid
I'm really looking forward to seeing blizz make the story play out, I've heard some audio that leaked i guess. But i won't post any spoilers, I will say it sounds really good so far. I know i have disliked Garrosh since questing in Nagrand when he was just a sobbing little emo orc. Before he moved to org and discovered steroids.
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100 Goblin Shaman
I say its not fair we should get to kill varian then. He has caused alot of trouble and yet they didnt kill him off. He insults hord any chance he gets he tried to kill thrall in the battle for the undercity. Why let him live and kill garrosh its not fair blizzard, Favoring the cutesy faction again.
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100 Human Warrior
cant wait to kill him. i was a long time horde player. I loved Orc's but i hate Hellscream. i hope Thrall comes back as well. but Vol'jin is awesome as well.
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100 Dwarf Paladin
they kael'thas'd him. remember after TK? kael was some loser in a 5 man? same !@#$. I would've liked to see maybe a bit more %^-* from him b4 just killing him
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