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Heya all I'm thinking about transfering to a new RP realm to call home but would like to know how active the community is first. I'm also looking for one thats more on the eastern timezone if possible. So far Farstriders seems to fit the bill.

Im generally a medium type Rper still new to the ways of Roleplaying in WoW. I'd be interested in joining a Rp guild on Alliance side as well. I'm comfortable with Night Elves and Worgen mostly, though my NE tend to be a bit more curious/adventurous then most of thier kind. I feel I also should mention that I prefer to follow WoW Lore for my RPing characters but I keep an open mind for others.

I haven't gotten any solid characters going yet but have ideas for very many and would even like to do events. I'd be very interested in doing overworld RP more then anything. Really I dislike the fact everyone stays in the Major cities. And only the ones in Vanilla now.
Anywho any thoughts? What are good RP guilds Ally side? Times you would say are most active maybe?

Thank you for any help you can give.
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Farstriders is kind of an oddity amongst the servers. What we lack in quantity we make up for in quality. We, as a whole, tend to embrace those that follow lore and shun those that don't. That said, we don't have RP on every corner and it DOES primarily take place in cities. But getting friends and dragging them elsewhere is easily done. I know I'd jump at the chance to RP outside of the cities, especially with new people.

Alliance hosts at least 1 public event a month, everything from speed dating to auctions. Guilds run story lines and plots and a few plots will leak out into other guilds, depending on the people involved and the type of plot.

The Big Three for RP guilds are The Shadow Hall, The Bottleneck and The Silver Legion. Though, there are others that are rapidly making themselves known. The Alliance RP guild roster is as up to date as I can keep it. Those three differ in a pretty big way. Bottleneck focuses on their bar and those that frequent it, Legion is military oriented and the Hall is a refuge for the unwanted.

Good times... Most of our events start ~7 server (8 EST) and last until much later. Evenings are definitely the more popular times.

I'd recommend you pop into the OOC channels - Pester anyone in The Shadow Hall for the public OOC channel and they'll gladly relay it - and joining an RP guild. I'm sure we can give you a home and I know we'll welcome you with open arms.
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Thank you very much I'll have to poke someone then for the OOC channels and lurk about <^.^> I'm mostly active around evening times anyways so its nice to see it gets active round then as well.
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If you stay Alliance, you'll be set for finding good RP from the guilds there. Hordeside IS dead savefor one or two guilds. Anyone who tells you otherwise is clinging onto false hopes.
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