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Welcome to PUGJobs, fun with strangers.

As WoW servers have seen a recent decline in consistent and quality raiding for more casual players, my guild and I decided to put something together using some of the newer services given to us by the guys at Openraid, in order to counteract the troubles with recruiting that we have seen so many guilds dealing with. Cross realm raiding is a feature we believe will be vital to the continued long term success of Word of Warcraft, and we intend on being at the forefront of this new opportunity. We have a regular set schedule of cross realm raiding content for transmog, achievements, heroics, “challenge modes”, and more. Our goal is to have a constantly active, and constantly expanding, community of raiders who run all sorts of World of Warcraft raid content for fun, but with goals. All of our raids will have an OpenRaid reference, so please make sure you head over there to sign up for our raids. If you do not wish to use Openraid, please contact us at least 48 hours prior to the raid time in order to guarantee your spot in the raid.

PUGJobs wants to do our best to create an environment that promotes fun and success. Down bosses, and enjoy the process. Get achievements, and have some laughs. Throughout the weeks we update a running white and black list of people in order to maximize both fun and success for everyone. In general, if you are a good player and a good person, you will be all set with PUGJobs. No one gets autokicked for a wipe, but at the same time, if you are a problem for the raid, you will be removed. We want to foster the good times, and people who take away from that will be removed and not welcome back.

The overall goal of all of these old content runs (we will also be doing DS10 runs on our server, US-Zul’jin, but sadly that doesn’t apply to most of you) will be to establish a community of people who are in a similar boat to us and want to run content, even if it isn’t cutting edge progression, and have some fun. Maybe you are a hardcore raider with an alt that doesn’t fit into your guild alt runs, maybe you are in a position like we are with a slowly eroding guild, maybe you are just a good player who doesn’t have a guild right now. Regardless, we would like this to organically evolve into a group of people who have fun raiding together, encourage each other to do better in a happy manner, and down stuff. Who knows, maybe even have the community run franchised raids at some point? All of this leads up to MoP, where the current raid tier will be available to cross realm raiding, and our idea can truly shine through. So sign up, run some raids, get some loot and achieves, and remember…you too can have fun with strangers!

Check out for more information and our raid schedule.
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That is very correct that Openraid is a tool, and we happily work in tandem with Openraid. We were some of the first hundred people to sign up, and still are working closely with Kim as we move our project forward alongside his. We are bringing them dozens of people each week, and they are giving us an amazing platform to use. Also, as of right now we host some of the most raids per week on Openraid, and within two weeks will indeed the single largest host of Openraid raids.

We are a reliable source of raids in Openraid, a community within a community. Openraid existing does not negate us existing. However, thank you so much for your constructive response.
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Did someone say Pug job?
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I felt really violated when I first saw a post by Fuggo. Had to view the thread.

I'm on openraid, maybe i'll check you out sometime.
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Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know that we have nearly tripled our raiding schedule for all weeks moving forward, and have started slowly expanding into Alliance and daytime raiding.

We now have multiple ICC runs, ULD on and off meta runs, FL meta and heroic runs, T11 runs, LFR for DS, ToGC, RS, and DS runs for people on Zul'jin.

We also now have our forum set up, so please post about content you would like to see, raid challenges you are interested in, or just some general WoW/PUGJobs stuff.

Thank you everyone for all of your interest, and making this project an amazing success so far. We hope to continue growing, and being the best community for cross realm raiding on Openraid and in the World of Warcraft.

-Chris | Fuggo
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