Fare thee well, VeCo graybeards.

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My unbeating heart is all warm and fuzzy inside seeing my Nostalgia thread still getting some play.

However, my time here is at an end. I recently purchased SWTOR and do not plan on renewing my WoW subscription when it is up. I’ll login my JC alt for the daily until then.

<Nephilim> was founded in July of 2006, about 3 weeks after the launch of the sevrer. The guild represented everything about VeCo Horde at the time – small, tight knit, competent, and looking for PvP anywhere and everywhere possible (STV, WSG, AV, Alterac Mts and Arathi, Halaa, IQD, WG).

I’d like to list off a few people and guilds that I befriended either on my own personally or as the Guildmaster of <Nephilim>

Vanilla: Alien mage and Stul priest, going into Stratholme with Sothh as an Arms tank. Also recruiting Dim priest, before he quit WoW.

BC: <Brewmasters> and <Death On Call> for joint runs into Karazhan. Much love to Dare and Volucris of the Brews, and Riga in DoC. Also shout out to Ministera of <Crimson Mercenaries>, where some of us Nephilim called home for a few months.

WotLK: <Will Do Wetwork> for random heroics, ToC, and eventually ICC. Had good times with Shadowflower and Ebbony. There was a guild run by a druid, with a priest officer, but for the life of me I cannot remember their names, but we did Naxx together.

My greatest non-irl friends I recruited from the server were Androgeus, Marlana, and Draelic. When my irl friends stopped playing, those 3 carried me for a long time keeping the guild going. That eventually led to meeting Zalythen and his England pals.

Alliance PvP – props to Argaio, Jozlyn, and the self-started feud between <Nephilim> and Nur with his <Keepers of Stromgarde>

Lastly, and certainly not least, as my druid Sithh, many many thanks to both my favorite blood elf rogues, Jinxx and Falea, for many stealth incursions into enemy territory causing chaos where we could find it… like the time in Ironforge Falea and Sithh ambushed Kaegan, destroying him as he ran out of the BG area in IF.

True to his skill though, he found us later and picked us off one at a time. Good, no, great times.

So TY VeCo, life was good for 5+ years. Kinda went to sh!t when Arenas came to play and cross-server BG’s. There was something very very nice about knowing your enemies.

Those of you still around, keep this old girl going, VeCo is 4 fite!
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/salute from Thunder Bluff
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Couple other names to drop:

Castor and PvP with his <Senjin Village People>, sharing rage stories of punching holes in drywall after a frustrating battleground with random noob Horde.

Zorden, paladin tank so I wouldn't have to, as well as guildies Zalythen and Guroff.

Zallia, Sharli, Aelaf, Gabreal, and numerous others who acted as my healbots over the years.

Again, thx to all - including Cyntax and lolstepping off the dragon's ledge in Karazhan, nub rogue ftw.
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Ok Sithh sweety I am going to miss you so very much. Yes we had a lot of fun. **HUGS** and NUBBIN NUBBINS!!!
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15K He comes back in 2 months.
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20k. I said the same thing months ago. But SWTOR is badly-coded, and its servers have thinned out faster than the hair under my uncle's toupee. It'll be F2P in 4-6 months, sad to say.
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As a blonde crew cut Russian boxer once said, you vill luze.

I totally love SWTOR. Yes the servers seem pretty low pop, but the quest line cinematics beat reading quest text, the companions to do your gathering and crafting, and the spaceship dailies all pwn.

I was a fanatic about logging into WoW daily just to get my JC dailies done on 3 servers. I haven't logged in for 2 weeks now.

Sith ftw.

(red edit - /wave Jinx, miss ya!)
Edited by Sythh on 4/16/2012 7:25 PM PDT
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I always tried to sap you whenever I could.
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85 Undead Warrior
Heyas Morty.

So anyways, I never did come back to WoW. Just bad timing my subsc auto-renew right after I installed SWTOR.

For those that know me and still play WoW, if you want to find me on SWTOR, I play 2 different Sith on The Bastion server, Jaraxle and Zaknafeon, both max lvl at 50.

This will prolly be my last post. Acct should expire in a few weeks. Hope to see some of you leave the medieval fantasy world behind and join us in a Galaxy far far far away!
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Not likely, isn't Star Wars at like 800k subs and steadily declining? Last I read it was on the verge of free to play and the servers were going to merge as they were basically going to cut their losses. Maybe my information is bad though, I've never played it myself lol.
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The free to play is to level, with maybe room on a free acct for 2 total alts.

You would still pay to play for end game raiding and more alts. Basically if you pay, there will be more to do than on a free acct.

They did open srvr xfers, which has helped in a big way. Now instead of a bunch lightly pop srvrs, you have now got a few dedicated heavy pop servers, so que times are now much better, and it is now easier to get groups for the heroic areas of each planet.

The game rocks. Companions do your gathering and crafting, you can gear them, and you get a starship to do some dailies in. Why roll a kung-fu panda when you can be a slick smuggler or throw lightning as a Sith sorcerer? Multiple races for each class, not pigeon holed by faction either.
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08/05/2012 05:15 PMPosted by Sithh
Why roll a kung-fu panda when you can be a slick smuggler or throw lightning as a Sith sorcerer? Multiple races for each class, not pigeon holed by faction either.

Do you have to ask?

These pandas may seem light and fluffy but that's because their own homeland will slaughter them if any negative emotions become too great. Negative panda feels manifest themselves because of a seedy past that lurks beneath the soil. These pandas have a history expanding millenniums and they were enslaved by a race of soul-stealing flesh shapers that twisted life to fit their needs as servants. They fought and suffered for their future of taking it easy.

These pandas have trained their body, soul, and mind under their cruel overlords nose. These monks seek to perfect their booze and make use of soaking their foes with a drunken haze and igniting them with breaths of fire. Your siths can shoot lightning? So can the monks. All races but the new Worgen and Goblins can become monks.

The Pandaren you play must choose their faction which results in leaving their own friends and possibly family in a vicious war that is the Alliance versus the Horde. They have no choice but to kill those who chose the other faction because their new leaders demand it.

And that's just the pandas!
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91 Blood Elf Priest
Bye Sothh! You will be missed! :-)
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100 Blood Elf Rogue
OMG Sithh you took 2 of my fav. names Zac was my favorite of all of them!! AND Morthala, Your Pixels are WAY to hot to handle!!!! :)
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