[RP-Blog] A Thoughtful Gift

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With a soft giggle, Rya touched her round belly with gentle fingertips. Once again the movement came, a little stronger than the first, as if the child were as excited as the mother. She whispered sweet nothings a moment, standing in the foyer with Faustus looking away politely.

"My lady, Dimetri has a gift for you."

She looked to her butler, the abnormally tall Sin'dorei with black hair and dim green eyes, with curiosity. "A gift?" He nodded and gestured for her coat, which she allowed him to take before leading her through her own townhouse in Silvermoon City.

A smirk moved across Rya's face as she looked over the changes she ordered. Everything was cleaned; most of her breakable collectables and artifacts had been moved and replaced with vases with flowers and picture frames with artwork of Azeroth. The walls were smooth with beautiful gold and red swirls shimmering across the alabaster stone, a few tapestries hung in choice locations. Everything looked fresh, clean, and safe. The Brightsinger Townhouse on Sel'Ya, High Road, was ready for the coming change of the season.

Within minutes they were upstairs in the unused guest room. Often times Gil would visit the townhouse and sleep in this room. Moriurya held her breath, not wanting to insult her butler for bringing her to a room that Dimetri most certainly would not spend any amount of time in. Faustus knocked a warning before gently opening the door and bowing for his mistress to enter.

It had changed. The walls were designed with two tones of gold, the shimmer making it hard to tell if it were real metal or painted with sparkles. Rya gasped, her heart racing. There was dark metal rocking chair with crimson cushions, two gold accent pillows resting casually upon it. The long curtains were the same red with silver lining and gold under curtain, all of wispy fabric to sway with the gentle breeze coming through the open stained glass window. Dimetri stood beside it, his orange hair streaked with gray in a sophisticated manner, looking a little worn out from the use of magic.

"My Lady! You are looking most beautiful! I hope you are not overwhelmed, I wanted to show you this before I left on errand to my offices in Dalaran."

He bowed before briskly moving toward the alcove of the room. Rya had not noticed it before, but there was the most beautiful sight to behold. A canopy crib of the same dark metal as the rocking chair, with beautiful pads of red with gold trim and a sheer gold cover hanging from the top. Her heart skipped a beat and the child within her moved around in the excitement.

"D-Dimetri ... I ..." she stuttered as she looked more closely at the details. There was a simple bed in the room as well, just the right size for an elf to rest comfortably and still keep an eye on the child. A nursery, a gift from her dear caretaker. "I love it. How?"

"From my many contacts across the world I was able to make this room come together without much difficulty," Dimetri's grin was wide, his eyes dancing in the excitement his lady was showing. "You would be most happy to know that Lawrence had even drafted up the design for the crib."

Rya suddenly hugged Dimetri tightly, her eyes watering in happiness. "It is perfect!" The mage held her a moment in return before placing his hands at her shoulders and looking at her glowing face.

A simple knock on the doorframe brought their attention to Faustus. "Mister Soth is here, upon your request, Mister Blaze."

A pregnant woman would never have been seen moving so fast from that room and down the stairs to jump into her lover's arms.
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