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My wife and I are looking to transfer to a new server that is a little bit less populated than our current server Stormrage. There is way too much hustle and bustle there for our liking, and the huge overpopulation at night makes the server lag like crazy. Anyway, Elune is one of about 4 servers that we are considering making the jump to, but before we commit ourselves I wanted to post a thread and hopefully get a general feel for what the server is like and promote what our plans are in hopes of possibly having some players lined up before we make the switch.

Once we switch, my wife and I are looking to get our own guild started. We are looking for players that would be in for the long haul. This will not be a mass recruiting/leveling guild (although low level characters are more than welcome to join), nor will it be a hardcore raiding guild or a PvP guild. Our vision is to create a home for a close, tight-knit group of players that enjoy getting on and running all types of content together. Our ultimate goal is to become what many would deem a "casual raiding guild".

If you're looking for immediate DS progression, this isn't the place. We don't want to dive right into the most recent content or rush to put together a "sick hardcore raid team". We are looking to start off running guild heroics, building chemistry and getting to know one another, progressing into early Cata raids like BH, BWD, BoT, and eventually hitting FL and DS. We would hold a schedule of about 3-4 nights/week for about 2-3 hours/night.

My wife and I don't claim to have the most "experience" in terms of raiding "achievements", but we have both spent extensive amounts of time researching our classes/specs and are willing to put in time and effort to understand basic game mechanics and strategies. We aren't looking for players that can say they're "5/8H DS", we just ask that you know how to play your character to its full potential, just as we've done.

This guild will be DRAMA-FREE. We don't like it, we don't want it. Age is not a factor as I've seen 13 year olds that can out-mature 20-somethings, but we will not tolerate bull**it (for lack of a better term that comes to mind). We're here to run content as a group and enjoy the game. Period. Egos and elitists need not apply.

As stated above, we're looking for players that are in this for the long haul. Players that when even if WoW were eventually to die (which I don't see happening soon, obviously, but hypothetically..), we could take the guild to another game with the same people. Players that are here to play because it's fun playing with the same group, not because they want that World-First kill.

All that being said, let's get to the server.. I've read a few threads about the server but any additional info would be appreciated such as server population, AH economy, PUGs, etc. Would this guild be viable here? And anyone looking to potentially come along for the ride, feel free to post here with a way I can contact you and we will talk further.

I apologize if I rambled and made this too long to read. I wrote it not feeling well @ 6 AM on a Sunday morning. ;)
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The server population is like 10 or more alli to 1 horde. So with that, of course AH economy is good if you are alli, bad if you play horde. Most Elune PuGs are good but of course there are some that are terrible, just like everywhere.
The guild you are looking to build would be viable IF you could find the types of people you are looking for... finding them however might be difficult. Especially here as few read these forums anymore.
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