Hey guys, this is probably a shot in the dark but i thought i would give it a go anyways. Im looking for a dedicated raid team thats doing at least full clears of DS normal every week. Ive got a 395 ilvl currently(can put up some good numbers) and (fingers crossed) will have my Legendary daggers before to much longer. I'm familiar with all the content (clear ds on several toon's every week) and have near perfect raid attendance....i'm switching my focus off my other toon's now to finish the legendary quest line and start progressing with this guy, I'm available at pretty much anytime during the week for raids (possibly the weekend if needed).

Anyways, you can get up with me most days in game on this char or one of my main alts Sattiva or Indiica....hope to here from a good team soon!!

Thanks for reading!!!