Hello again SWC!

Due to some shifts in folks RL adventures, my late night raid group will soon be short our swing healer.

((My late nigh raid runs Wed/Fri 12:30am-3:30am EST and is solidly 8/8 in DS and we are also working on learning some FL heroics as well as trying a poke or two at some DS heroics. ))

We would most love to have either a boomkin/tree druid or ele/resto shaman join our ranks for the best possible raid comp (and match what we are losing), but a solid shadow priest with a healing offspec (holy would be grand...) are totally ok. Alas, we do not have room for another paladin (too many melee already) and would STRONLY prefer the shaman/druid to be ranged dps rather than their melee dps options.

If you can make our raid times and think you fit our needs, head on over to our website, check out our info and post an application!


Looking forward to hearing from those swing healers out there who are looking for a new raid/guild home! =)

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