Any other casual playing moms out there?

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Hello there! I was dragged into WoW by my ever-so-awesome hubby, and discovered that it really is kinda fun. I am a casual gamer, absolutely nothing hard core about the way I play (oh look - sparkling things!), the way I think of the game (I picked my character/class because I like the way it turns into a moonkin, it makes me giggle), or the way I team up and go questing (I appreciate taking time to stop and peek at the flowers)... and I am wondering if there are more women like me in the same boat.

What got you started playing? Do you like to chat in-game about irl? Do you know what it feels like to try and play your game while feeding the baby and making sure the teenager does his homework, all while making sure dinner is ready? I think we should talk.
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Why would women talk about cooking, cleaning and getting pregnant? And I don't know how it feels since I'm the superior gender, so just do your job.

I'm glad we talked.
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I don't have children, but I've known other women who game and have kids and take care of the home. In any case, good on you for finding something you enjoy to break up your day. Uldum is small enough that you might have some issues finding such a person. . .but you can always try posting in the general forum! Downside to that is more forum trolls there.
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I think it's cool that you play. Instead of divorcing your husband for playing WoW (yes it happens) you came on board! Thanks for giving it a shot. And there is nothing wrong with choosing a character because it looks funny when it turns into a moonkin, that is what the game is all about IMO.

Have fun and let me (or my guild) know if you ever need anything!
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Wow, except for the teenager and baby part (I have a 10 year old), we're the same person (oh, something shiny!), lol
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Sorry totally off subject, however Shauana I love the guild name. :D
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There are actually quite a few in my guild (Not one myself, though, not up to the turkeybaster just yet.) Some of the mum's are casual, some are pretty hardcore (one raided day after she gave birth, sh** you not.)

Anyways, Uldum has probably one of the highest female to male ratios i've ever seen, so, randomly pick someone and chances are they might just be a Mom :D
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Plenty of moms in our evidenced by the sound of kids killing each other in the background when Mom is on Mumble. The one I am thinking of has 4 rowdy boys all under the age of 13...if she's got to stop and be a Mom, the raid waits. Family > WoW.
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