After being spammed over and over and over ..

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I gave in and joined this guild called We Fear The Yoda. I lasted about an hour. The spam I got was about how they run RBG's (they) as in guild and how they raid (they) as in guild.



So lie number one. Number two was saying they are very social. If you dare type anything in guild chat, you will be met with the ire of one yin yang named Phate or his alt. This guy will flame you for everything up to and probably including liking sunshine.
Lie number three: Need help? Just ask. My answer: LOL don't you dare ask for help here, not only will Phate get on you but you will be made fun of, rejected and called a noob by any and all in guild chat.

In closing please use common sense and DO NOT join this guild and if you happen to make a mistake and end up in there get out get out for the love of your integrity and sanity get out. There is nothing 'best' or 'biggest' about this group of nubs. When they are on most 85's have not left Org in years frankly afraid of the greater outside world known as Azeroth. You being a low member there are nothing more than a revenue generator for the GM and his low life cronies.

The biggest lie has to do with Yoda himself and his so called world firsts none of them are true. Why? Because quite frankly they being world firsts I mean realm firsts would be part of his feats of strength achievement tab, well both if he had any. Nuff said.
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I fully support We FEAR the Yoda.
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03/27/2012 02:09 PMPosted by Gladzilla
I fully support We FEAR the Yoda.

You may do as you like. Doesn't take away the facts the OP suggested and that is We are the Lovers (lol) yes he renamed it are still as fail as they ever will be or ever were.
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they suck! g/quit them asap!
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