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"Death to Alliance" doesn't exist anymore. The leader quit WoW for a few months and nobody else was interested in doing anything. He came back, but he came back to an empty guild he didn't own anymore.

Anyway, I have a question. All week long horde does pretty good in BGs and TB, maybe more than pretty good, maybe we even dominate. But on the weekend we put our pants at our ankles and bend over for the alliance. I know that TB is a server thing and BGs are a battlegroup thing, but the trend seems to be for both. You'd think it would be random but there's a definite trend. I've done thousands of BGs and hundreds of TBs so it's not my imagination. Can someone explain in a way that actually makes sense, why horde is good on weeknights and crappy on the weekend? "The alliance are little kids that have no school on the weekend" is not an argument that I buy.
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People who work during the week are off on the weekends?
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not sure about TB, i think what happens is the alliance will take it at night, then not enough people join TB for it to change hands and so it becomes stuck in there favor for long periods of time. another pvp trend is alliance tends to win battlegrounds at night and lose during the day at max level, while it tends to be the opposite below level 70. HOWEVER, it is undeniable that when the horde wants TB, you cannot stop us alliance.

/salute to my ex DTA homie

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80 Night Elf Priest
04/27/2012 12:39 PMPosted by Bananapeeln
i cheer you on Nicholeas, bring a 1800 plus team back to muradin horde

1800 is for the weak =) 2300 or gtfo
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