60's Thread 131.

60 Human Death Knight
04/02/2012 05:55 PMPosted by Clugor
Around the 2 hour 30 min mark he explains that the boss has a mechanic to take increased damage that stacks or somethin, guess that explains it.

I think the barrels are the stacking mechanic from the looks of it. Doesn't make it any less ridiculous IMO.
85 Draenei Warrior
looking forward to fury again in mop, finally time to be viable in pvp again. please dont nerf it to death before i get to play it blizz
69 Orc Shaman
I have a good feeling about this talent tree. i think blizz is in the right track
60 Tauren Warrior
Warrior totems.

85 Undead Priest
04/02/2012 07:25 PMPosted by Elañya
I have a good feeling about this talent tree. i think blizz is in the right track

I wouldn't get my hopes up, when you Hit and miss enough times you eventually get the target.

History would tell us that there's only more missing to follow as far as the Grand Overlords of Nerf's are concerned.

Edit: God i already hate this crab!
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60 Tauren Warrior
04/02/2012 07:49 PMPosted by Tiktök
Edit: God i already hate this crab!

The one that appears on the lower right of your screen? I saw it once 2 days ago, haven't seen it within 20+ page views now.
85 Blood Elf Paladin
literally seeing a prot pally with tazik and a sub rogue with synapse makes me not want to make a character
60 Undead Mage
As rarely as I even see them in matches, I'm gonna have to say you may be overreacting a bit.
85 Troll Hunter
Narc and Puma are the only 2 people with cata tinkers (Well Red has the armor to gloves lol, and Murder got the belt shield but he hasn't been on in awhile)
100 Orc Warrior
04/02/2012 08:34 PMPosted by Longeyes
the belt shield

The one that he can't use because it requires 500 engineering?

60 Blood Elf Paladin
04/02/2012 08:19 PMPosted by Deadoncemore
As rarely as I even see them in matches, I'm gonna have to say you may be overreacting a bit.

i queue level 60 bgs occasionally. usually on one of my four other level 60 characters. none of those have any outrageous gear advantages. that's no lie.
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70 Orc Warlock
70 is still better.
I rarely find need to use my Synapze, the only time I do is on FCs with a large amount of health or when I need the dodge. But meh I don't play that much right now because of school and work.
60 Blood Elf Warrior
Late for work.ishad98asyddshaa damn you priority's.
60 Undead Warrior
Wow back up? Or am I not the only one whose launcher won't work?
Not workin for me. Looks like we have to wait till 3
60 Undead Warrior
Deeeeeeeeeeev stage. Womp woooomp
60 Blood Elf Warrior
60 Tauren Warrior
04/03/2012 02:49 AMPosted by Thrasherjess

60 Blood Elf Paladin
Just need my damn gloves to drop for my new transmog!
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