Kitten Mittens

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I was flying around Darrowmere one day and I met this guy...I forgot his name.

But anyway, he was on this really cool bird! So I got into a casual conversation with him and discovered he was in this raiding guild called "Kitten Mittens" I was so entranced by his mount and his elite status that the name never hit me...

Hours later I was in bed listening to Kanye West and hit me...Kittens Mittens..

Kittens Mittens... Kittens...Mittens...

There's a reason and rhyme behind every guild's name. They call themselves something because it projects a common theme, allusion, or inside joke. So why Kitten Mittens?



Kittens Mittens...........

THEN IT HIT ME! KITTENS WEARING MITTENS! THIS GUILD WAS PURPOSLY ASSUMING THAT KITTENS CAN WEAR MITTENS! HOW DARE THEY..Now it's Monday and I don't want anyone to feel like I'm being too brutal here, but COME ON! There is a STRONG Kitten Loving community in the World of warcraft. How fair is it for them to be under constant fire from the best raiding guild on Darrowmere? People will always say "Kitten mittens are extremely good!", not taking into account the fact that kittens do NOT wear mittens.

I'm not a very big cat lover, but I feel that the cat loving community needs to be respected here; you cannot falsify the dressing capabilities of a kitten.

Since I am taking responsability for the general cat loving public, I contend the following demands or I will destroy Stormwind:

1. Kitten Mittens is forced to rename their guild to something less offensive..."Kitten Paws" for example

2. Kardone, Malenifre, Banric, and Noyl are excommunicated, chastised, sanctioned and alienated from all guilds, the Auction House, Alliance Sanctuaries, and are hereby sentenced to running LFR every time they log on until Mists of Pandaria comes out.

3. All of the current members of Kitten Mittens will pay a minimum of 100g to the Kitten loving community of Darrowmere for emotional damage.

In Conclusion: Decency is something we are known for on Darrowmere. We like to keep out streets clean, our trade chat friendly, and our hearts warm. Such things are now threat by a single guild who things it is funny to make fun of the fact that Kittens cannot wear Mittens. Please join me in my protest of this guild's bigotry and push for a name change.

Thank you, Happy monday Darrowmere :)
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Btw get on skype Obamadinx
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I see :S
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tldr someone summarize
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