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90 Undead Priest
I personally think that the way blizzard have done the talents for MoP seems really cool.... its like a mix between wrath and cata where as u can pick which talent u want for that row, and u also get your cata talents through your specs training..... i think its very interesting and im excited to c it in action...... what do u guys and ladies think? =)
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
I'm in the Beta now and I rather like what they've done with the talents overall. Sure, there are some abilities I have now I have to choose between in the expansion, but the overall feel for my characters is the same with some cool new ability choices I can pick from. For example, I can continue freezing people with Chill Bains like I do now, which slows enemies whenever frost fever is applied to them or I can turn my 2-minute strangulate (silence) into a 1-minute stun/silence. I went with the stun, because the animation is just awesome: I lift people up in the air and choke them like friggin' Darth Vader. And hey, I now have a ranged stun - very good for closing the gap against other players, especially Hunters.

Other talents are left wanting, though. "Death Siphon" heals me for about 6k every time I use it against another player, but it requires a death rune, so I can only use it twice. Not to mention those are the best runes to have around. Instead, I'll keep with Death Pact, which has now been buffed: 50% of my health back, doesn't kill my ghoul, and has a 2 min cool down. Way better than 12k health at the cost of 2 death runes. If they made Death Siphon heal more, perhaps it would be worth it, but as it is, the numbers clearly indicate the superior talent.
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90 Undead Priest
Awesome, so now your never gonna die lol........ who needs healers anymore right?
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90 Orc Warrior
I don't like the idea of only getting to pick one talent every 15 levels. It seems like this drastically reduces how much nuance you can really have for your character.

Then again, I am also the kind of person who really enjoys questing and leveling, and a lot of the fun of that is seeing the gradual progression of my character/s as I get each new skill and talent.

The 2 levels per talent is annoying me as it is. The thought of having to wait 15 seems kind of maddening. But I suppose we'll see.
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100 Tauren Shaman
I'm a little torn. Like Munchbox, I'll miss the constant sense of reward that leveling has in the past granted. On the other hand, most of those talent choices in the past were illusionary; you'd have a few choices at the tail end, but most of your talent choices were dictated by your spec and pve/pvp focus (unless you wanted to go off the beaten path and into mediocrity).

In Mists, we'll all have options. Granted, they're not all going to be equally viable (Totemic Projection springs to my mind as being best). I'm sure people will eventually winkle out that Elemental Blast provides a theoretical 1.4% DPS increase over Primal Elementalist, but I think it will provide a greater variety of scenarios for PVP, though. Whereas an Enhancement shaman on live means one thing (generally a free kill, according to my experience), in Mists, you might have to treat an Enhance shaman with Frozen Power a bit differently than one with Windwalk Totem.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
It doesn't really matter what they do with talents, there is always going to be a "best" spec that people copy and paste.

With the new system though, leveling is going to be so much less rewarding.
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
"Trap talents" aren't supposed to exist, talents are not meant to be the super ultra defining characteristic of your toon anymore since the passive talents are just given to you as you level up. They're there to tweak and customize how you play. I think a lot of people in the beta have had a pretty hard time wrapping their head around that, but are slowly coming around. The only reason you go to a trainer is to respec you talents, or reset your glyphs, or both.

Blizz is trying very hard to make sure there will not be a "best spec". However, the only thing I've noticed are that passive talents (ones that do not require a button press to kick on) seem to be at the tail end for some classes, whereas talents that actually give you an ability tend to barely pull ahead. Most of the differences, are seriously so close anyway, Burroc is pretty spot on. That's about the difference, or at least intended via blue posts I've been reading, of most talent abilities. Just a percentage and some change difference from one another.

I'm incredibly optimistic for MoP. Can't stop playing Pokemon T^T.
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