Was doing LFR last night on Milkme, on the trash before Ultra. The drakes just weren't being taunted down fast enough. I even called out and asked one of our four hunters to start using distracting shot, but no. The platform was half covered in fire, and we ended up wiping because aggro was everywhere.

The tanks excuse? "I only have one taunt, and it has an 8sec cooldown". This was from a paladin. /facepalm. The other tank was a DK. Not sure how...? But anyway, attempt two went better, but I still had to do the occasional fire dancing.

People are bashing the tanks, one of them gets booted along with a Hunter doing 11k dps. On Ultra, a tank pulls while I'm trying to rez a dps, and so the rez is interrupted. The tank then promptly dies and leaves the party. Needless to say, we wiped.

We get another pally tank and everything goes smoothly enough until we get to Spine. Spine was just a mess. At the start we have two Amalgs. I get them to kill one of them and then switch to the other. That one goes down okay, and we move onto the second (third...) tentacle. The tank...moves to the tail. And we creates an Amalg there. And then he moves him to the front. And the whole time I'm like "wtf...wut". We have enough bloods, and the tank runs back and collects the bloods, but then stays there. People are yelling "GET TO THE FRONT!" and he moves up, but not quick enough. Amalg goes boom, no tendon.


Move on to another Amalg, it goes fine. Boom, dps down the tendon, carry on.

So they're going for another tentacle, and by this time we have SOMANYBLOODS and the other Pally tank is being all pro and keeping them contained. And then an Amalg is up...and the other tank runs them IMMEDIATELY through the bloods.

Amalg at full health. 9 Stacks of blood.

Healing cooldowns.

So much healing...

The tank moves the Amalg up, and the dps are doing their thing, but AT THE END the tank moves the Amalg away! And the Amalg goes boom without popping up the plate.


By then there were so many Bloods around that when we got another Amalg up and the tank immediately moved it through Bloods...so again an Amalg with full health and 9 stacks...the healers just couldn't keep up with the healing. So we wiped.

And we booted the tank, half the raid left, I sung praises to the other tank for containing the bloods as well as he did, and we got another tank and filled the rest of the raid. Spine went perfectly that time. As did Madness.

No loot for me, of course. But whatever.

During the whole raid there was a Feral Druid I was whispering who was doing pretty crappy dps. He admitted that he was new to Cata, having just came back. I spent time between healing troll tanks and bosses filling him in on how to improve his dps. He really did improve. I felt glad. :3