I feel like giving up. ;_;

88 Blood Elf Paladin

Yeah just no.

This is a game, unless you are suffering from some legitimate mental/physical disability there is absolutely no reason to not be able to do well.

Anything else is just a poor excuse. You can literally spend 5 minutes skimming through your classes spell priorities/reforges/proper spec/gems and do just fine. Nobody expects you to go in and do your classes highest theorycrafted dps.

I have done hundreds of LFD's since it's implementation, and I very seldom see somebody get kicked for bad dps unless they are literally doing like 5k.

And why do you think I have the obligation to teach you? Why should I have to research your class for you? Because you are too lazy and have "to much work"? That isn't my problem.

You have all the tools available to you to be a better player, if you don't choose to utilize them, don't blame people for not wanting to group with you.
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87 Blood Elf Rogue
I've been in the same boat man. I've been heals or tank since vanilla and just recently switched to dps. I had pretty much every dps-capable toon at lvl 80, so I leveled them all to 85 and tried each one.

First thing I'll say and you will probably hate because it sounds so cliché , play the dps class that is the most fun for you. I believe this helps a lot, it did for me at least, because I found myself much more willing to perfect my rotations, reforging, etc...

Now, as far as arcane mage being easy... Arcane was my 3rd dps class to try (1st being moonkin, 2nd being rogue). I was also only pushing about 14k with ilvl of around 375ish. I also read up on noxxic & ej and thought I had everything down. In frustrations, I grouped with my gf who is a terrific mage and she spotted a few things I totally looked over and immediately my dps was up to 20k'ish. So if you haven't already, group up with a mage or two who you know to be good and have them help you out.

Someone else mentioned this one earlier, about regardless of how easy people say a class is, everyone will play each class differently - some better, some worse. After just doing ~ok~ with spriest, arcane, boomkin, fury, I finally fell into a groove with survival hunter. I found it very easy and much more fun than I expected and was quickly pushing over 20k dps in HoTs in no time, then 30+, and so on. I thought hunter would be the last class I liked, but man was I wrong. The other class I liked and did quite well with was destruction/demo lock.

So, TL;DR: Try more dps classes. Play the one that is the most fun, screw numbers in the beginning - they will come. Group with a pro and let them see what you're doing wrong.

In the end, remember this is a game to have fun. Nothing more.
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90 Human Priest
So, TL;DR: Try more dps classes. Play the one that is the most fun, screw numbers in the beginning - they will come. Group with a pro and let them see what you're doing wrong.

Sorry, I did read the whole thing, just quoted this part to save more room. Currently I am playing around with classes, starting with all the ones that I had as mains at one point, before moving on the classes I only played to 40-70 range. Currently leveling up a DK with a focus on DW Frost for dpsing. I'm finding it a lot more fun than priest or mage as it feels much faster in it's spell execution and it actually feels very comforting to me, almost like it's playing one of my other games and so it feels more fluid to me. While it's still early in levels (at 74 now) I do have this gut feeling that it's the class for me as I'm having tons of fun with it, not having much issue with it's system beyond a lack of proper practice and it just overall feels right to me.

I guess in all my effort to avoid the class, it seems my initial instincts were right long ago and that Dk was the class that fit me best and that I shouldn't have allowed outside insults and naysayers dissuade me from the class.
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85 Night Elf Druid
That's the spirit! People might be mean at first, but they'll shut up when you're pulling 30-40k dps on a class you love :)
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85 Human Death Knight
Thank you. ^_^

This is my DK by the way, once the servers are back up, I'll be back to the grind to get him to 85. I'm really loving him and having so much more fun. Still switching between Frost and Unholy as I can't really decide, but I think I'll be Frost and just get some gear so I can solo old Wrath stuff as I have a very nice idea for his transmog set, though I really wish the 1h version of the Quel'delar sword was also blue instead of having the yellow color.
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85 Tauren Warrior
Hey OP I completely agree with the comments that the class you become comfortable with will be the best choice. My favorite class to heal with is shaman (thenuge -arthas) not as good with other classes, My favortie class to tank with is DK i just love the aspect of self healing and have become very comfortable with them, and my Favorite class to DPS with is Warrior.

This being said I hate dpsing as a shaman so i never felt the need to get really good at it, I hate dpsing as a DK same deal, but warrior I can dps as fury and arms and be great at it.

I always hate people who talk trash in instances, maybe someone is trying to learn and berating them will not help.

I recently had a friend come back to the game with the scroll of resurrection on their warlock. They were terrible to say the least and pulling 7k in HoT instances. My friends and I have helped him and he is at about 25k dps range which is a great step up from 7k and i see him doing even more in the coming weeks.

I know this post may seem a little everywhere (my adhd at work) but just know once you really find the class you work well with man it will be an amazing fun.

Still waiting for my a$$kandy aka Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood for my tansmog sword.
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100 Troll Druid
03/25/2012 04:42 PMPosted by Zildjian
If you can't do well on a mage I wouldn't expect to do to great on other classes.

That's a terrible statement. I suck at my mage. I don't know why, maybe I'm overthinking it, but I just don't really perform well as either Fire or Arcane.

On my druid, DK, rogue, hunter, warlock, or other alts (all 85) I do very well.

On my mage or spriest though I just can't seem to be nearly as competitive. I know it's supposed to be super easy and I'm sure it is, it's jut not a good match for my play style. I'm sure others are in the same boat.
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