~*~ Marshmallows ~*~ LF RShaman 8/8H weekends

90 Human Warrior
Marshmallows is an 8/8 heroic 10 man guild with an incredible track record. Together we've cleared everything in the game on heroic since the group was formed in mid-Wrath, all of it while it was still current. We've been ranked as high as US-28th among strict 10man groups on guildox. During Firelands we notched an actual world-first, something Moonrunner has never had before in the entire history of the server, which is pretty freakin' fantastic for a guild with a casual schedule.

We raid 3 days a week, 4 hours each, for a total of 12 hours a week.

Website: http://marshmallowsguild.com
Format: 10 man raiding
Loot: EPGP
Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/moonrunner/marshmallows/


8/8 heroic, Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider
US-18th strict-10 Heroic Blackhorn

7/7 heroic, Glory of the Firelands Raider
US-10th strict-10 GotFR
US-11th Heroic Alysrazor
US-18th Heroic Baleroc
US-39th strict-10 Heroic Ragnaros
World-First strict-10 Dragonwrath (10/14/11)

13/13 heroic, Glory of the Cataclysm Raider
US-31st Sinestra-10
All T11 achievements, including [I Can't Hear You Over The Sound of How Awesome I Am]
Several realm-firsts, including Nefarian and Sinestra

Raid Schedule

Friday: 8PM - 12AM PST
Saturday: 2.30PM - 6.30PM PST
Sunday: 3PM - 7PM PST

What we need

- Resto Shaman
- It's possible we might be interested in a holy paladin, but you'd have to wow us. We've been wowed before, it is possible.

About Us

Our raiders are generally friendly and laidback individuals who nevertheless take raid time seriously. We don't believe in screaming and name-calling, rather we fill our raid with highly motivated players and we all strive to utilize raid time as efficiently as possible. If we wipe while learning a new boss, we fly back quickly and try again. And we keep trying until the boss dies.

Our recruitment is closed more often than it is open, our turnover is low low low for a reason. We are an extremely fun and chill group of friends that don't engage in nerd-yelling, and despite our casual schedule we get a lot done. My catchphrase is "well done, friends". The core of our group has been together now since heroic ToC and we have been through five very successful raid tiers, though some of us have been raiding together longer.

This is only the second time in the last 10 months our recruitment has been opened, we are quite probably the most stable raid group on the server. The person we choose will quickly become the #1 shaman on Moonrunner, we are looking for someone who shares our casual attitude but can hang with us in the content that we do. This is your chance to join us.

Raid mounts, titles, fantastic success and maybe even another accidental world-first can be yours, if the Price is Right.

Contact Us

If interested, you may do either of these things:

1. Whisper Laetitiia, Arazu, Tust or Gr.apefruit with any questions. Feel free to leave your email with any of us if you want to stay in touch with realid. Marshmallows uses Mumble for voice chat, and we'll probably want to chat with you there at some point.
2. Visit http://marshmallowsguild.com/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=11 and post an app. Don't be afraid to go in-depth and add extra information and details, the suggested format is just a guideline.
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I love marshmallows because they are white and puffy and delicious!

... wait, no I don't.


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They also have this riiidiiiicccc druid.
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fo sho
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