The Four Nobles has been around for over two years. We went through a rough patch but we're resurrecting the guild which had remained on an alt of mine until last week. We're the guild for the casuals and not-so-casuals. People who just want to enjoy the game but hate getting into groups with people who whine and insult them for minor mistakes. If you're the type of person who just wants to play WoW without suffering the overwhelming stress that comes from the constant sense of perfection forced on you by most guilds and random dungeon groups, join us. During active hours, we tend to have 4-5 people online and I'm usually on, willing to do runs whenever.

I have been tanking for years, tanked for raids and heroics in LK and am getting into tanking heroics in Cataclysm so if you join, you won't have to worry about sitting in queue for a tank who'd probably end up being a prick anyway. We are forgiving of mistakes, yet competent.

Guild level 12, 70% to 13. 7 tabs which are in constant use and being refreshed and cleaned weekly. We cover repairs and withdraws daily. If you're a mature player and want to find a suitable friendly guild to be able to relax in instead of guild hopping and ending up another faceless minion in guild after guild, join us. I have found many guild mates over the years who are now my friends by using this forum, I hope to continue that trend.