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So it’s the "downtime" between expansions and despite that, this venerable game is still chugging along ... you could say the same about our members ... Our current guild (same name on Dark Iron) is half alive but all our adventures have come to a screeching halt as real life has handicapped many of our people (new kid, new job, new game, etc.) temporarily.

It has been a long time since we set foot on Kilrogg soil but recently I've found myself wanting to be part of a livelier world and have grown a bit tired of our current server as it nears its death throes (Dark Iron). So here I am attempting to re-grow our old guild presence on Kilrogg and possibly encourage the rest of our team to move back or restart an old toon. I expect this lofty goal to be a bit of a trial since we have been in "suspended animation" here since the days of UBRS, Ony and BWL but I think the rewards are worth the effort. The more friendly folks in the guild the better the party becomes.

What kind of guild are we? What are we looking for? What is your favorite color?

Although many of us have done the whole 40-man thing, run the endgame content, leveled dozens of toons, blah blah blah in our youth … we really are nowhere near what you would refer to as "Hardcore" these days ... we don't even qualify as that late night Cinemax stuff they call "Softcore" ... Sunday afternoon 80s flicks on TMC is more like it ... we mosey and we mosey with pride :)

Just a bunch of ole'blokes that now use WoW as a chat medium more than anything. Many of our members are career and/or family people that need a guild with friendly, talkative individuals and only one requirement: laugh ... a lot.

What I'm really attempting to accomplish is to put a little spark back into the guild members and maybe the community, by reigniting the love for the game through regrowing an old guild presence with new faces. You could call this an experiment: to rebuild a casual guild on an old game during its historically downward population season … that’s where the “Daffy” part applies :)

Interested in regrowing a guild with us?

Some of our hobbies include leveling characters, questing around without real purpose (exploring), getting lost, running dungeons, accomplishing achievements and just enjoying all the game aspects. New characters and new to the game players highly encouraged to come along but we’d love to have some old skoolers, too (just no “Get off my lawn” attitudes, please ... unless you have the walker or cane ... then its all good).

I definitely miss our old Ale Run RAIDs … blurry screen cross country running … like to get some of those going again. Plain and simple goofy stuff makes our mojo go pop (don’t ask).

We do come with a full blown-cheesy website that you can read more about us and what we are as people ... you know … those things BEHIND the monitor & keyboard :) www_daffyblokes_net

Thanks much for taking the time to read this wall of text.

Gnomebreak … punt’em if you gottem’
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I've had this question asked of me a few times, now: Do you ever plan on RAIDing or Dungeon runs at least?

Definitely, the term of Social or Casual player for us doesn't not leave out the aspect of RAIDs or Dungeons, it simply refers more to our priorities. However, we are all very fond of both the aspects and as stated above, we love achievements ... need to RAID at least all the old school stuff to get the juicy Guild Achievements :)

Social or Casual, we can still progress, the guild simply does not have it as it's single utmost goal. Our goal is to enjoy each other and the game as a whole. It's not a superior or "better" goal than other guilds ... just different. We like getting lost in the world as much as we like RAIDs ... we enjoy /guild chat as much as we enjoy battlegrounds ... jack of all, ace of none.
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(Sung to Muppets Theme)We’re the social guild for you, yes. We might be small but fun, yes. So take a chance and get started with the most Social-ational, Chat-anational, horde-ational, Daffy-ational this is what we call the Daffy Blokes

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Count me as interested. I've applied on your website.
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