Guild Wars 2

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just gonna comment on the star wars isnt dead, yes it is, no x server warzones, hardly anyone playing, im in an active server and i went with my old wow friends vanni/romulas and even him being there and wrecking warzones was not enough to keep me in star wars, it fails heavily with balance issues. And no x server warzones and no rated pvp, such fail.
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Bumping this. We have a release date, and offer is still open for you pvpers and potential WvWvW enthusiasts to come join us. Visit to apply.
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03/31/2012 04:00 AMPosted by Quìcksilver
Nothing will ever re-create that original WoW feeling...ever.


Project "Titan"

Buddy who has a buddy for Blizz said its gonna be big.

Free Bump.
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Diablo 3 was also big. (Big as in initial amount of players) But that didn't keep lots of people from quitting within the first month. Blizzard up for grabs again isnt exactly promising.

btw hi highrise
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Lemme know what server! We'd be amazing if we were all on the same side. =3

Idk if I can convince one of my lovers to buy it for me but who knows!
Edited by Valenntine on 8/7/2012 8:21 PM PDT
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Hey Valenntine,

As I said in another post, we aren't sure about which server we're headed to because we have some other pvp guilds joining us; it will be a group decision. The beta weekends have been fun, and we have a nice mix of former Dragonmaw horde and alliance players. is where it's at.
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We're on Dragonbrand server.
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