[H] Subpar At Best is recruiting for Team 2

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Teeheeee. Ok, I'm done o:
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(I get rambly here but oh well)
\ /

All right now I'm drawng my line in forum there, I was going to sit back and watch this play out but it's just getting ridiculous at this pont. First off, I can honestly say i don't think I know you, we may have raided once or twice when I had first joined the guild or it may have been at some other point but I can say asside from the posts on several of the forums for the server I have no reall personal vendetta against you. That being said you have to look at things a little bit differently.

I enjoy the guild and joined at a basicly random time in progression and was accepted with open arms under the conditions of respect towards other members and as far as raiding was concerned I tanked so long as I could efficiently learn the ways the guild did the fights as well as be on time and prepared to the raids. This is fairly general for any guild that wants to raid successfully in my opinion because without people being on time or ready, things go bad fast.

I can say that in my time here i have yet to see much of any of this ripping trade chat apart that you claim. Theres the few arguments and the players who just can't stand eachother but thats gaming, nobody is going to game and not bicker with other players based on what they think is right and wrong and how to do things. I host BH every week and pug the majority of players, tell them the rules, MS>OS be respectful and just follow the mechanics. I have never once seen this fight in trade you're talking about of tearing people down in trade based on their ability in BH. Yes, though if someone is screwing up in BH I personally yell out in raid what they're doing and how to correct it weather it be stacking or running away at the appropiate times.

Along with this theres always going to occurances that happen within the guild amongst members and disputes. It almsot always happens in almost every guild, thats life. Even so, I feel it's better to vent it out, let it go and continue rather than bottle it up and go into the next raid night angry and all pissed off about something that really means nothing in the end. In my opinion, this avoids bitter feelings towards fellow guild members and allows for everyone to get along a lot better. I really don't know why you left and to be honest I don't feel it's any of my concern but constantly going into our forum posts and poking at things that obviously haven't settled between you and whoever is posting is just instigating fights and drama that really doesn't have to be on the forums. I live stream as often as I can and I've said it several times, I speak my mind straight out during my streams, thats how I play is outloud and if theres a mic picking it up while I stream, well that's how it is and people know that's the way the world works.

I don't feel Subpar is elitest in any real way. There are jokes about it now and again, and here and there we get into arguments with the trolls that troll for the sake of trolling and getting chat riled up but outside that theres never any straight out running around feeling above everyone else. Everyone in this guild was at that point at one time or another where they had little to no experience and were just starting to learn their class and how to do what they needed to so they could accomplish their goals.

Like I said I'm still not cleared on why you're gone or upset and what not but really everyone needs to stop here with this. Sharing advice and constructive criticism is one thing, but when entire muradin forums becomes a free war zone for posts trolling other people it's crossing a line we dont need to cross. I guess what I'm personally trying to say here is that we may not be perfect, but we play to have fun, progress, and challenge ourselves and these posts on the forums are really un necescasry and I think everyone on the forums would appreciate it if everyone were to stop.
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Greetings fellow Muradin... ians?My name is Habitat. I am the humble, gentle, loving, kind leader of Red Team. Some of you may not remember me from Subpar at Best but I remember some of you from a 25 FL we attempted to do. Now, I've known Daz for quite some time. We've been to Tijuana together, gotten in several bar brawl, split a fine cigar and even shared the loving embrace of the same woman. Daz is my fellow Eskimo Brother and I can say with a clear conscience that I don't believe he intended to do any harm with his posts. Far from it.

I Strongly believe Daz was coming from a loving place with his post. Daz constantly shares stories of this guild and likes to reminisce about Muradin and some fine woman named Cupcake who was apparently his lost love (he constantly says "Dat !@#"). But I digress, I believe you kind Ladies and Gentlemen at SaB should find it in your hearts to talk to Daz and, well, maybe even listen with out judging or thinking he is judging you. Don't make me come back and start reporting posts for bad behavior.

Play nice. =3
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I can just feel the love in this thread.
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Are we really still going on about this?! Lets all hug it out <3

P.S. recruitment is closed. Things must be super dead on Mug'thol for you to come to Muradin because they are dead here lol.
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04/21/2012 12:19 AMPosted by Habitat
Greetings fellow Muradin... ians?

I use "muradiner" personally.

04/21/2012 12:19 AMPosted by Habitat
(he constantly says "Dat !@#")

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I'm an elitist.
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Hello An Elitist.

I'm an Alliance Player.
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WOW, okay people can we not just get along? Stop grabbing my butt..... Oh well, I'm still having fun as always!
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