Addon for language translation??

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So ive recently notcied that in my random dungeon groups there are more and more people that either dont speak english or choose not to speak it and they speak in their native language (what ever that may be). I was just wondering if anyone knew of any addons that could help with language translation cause it gets pretty irritating when your tryin to tell someone how to do a boss and the only response you get is "Que". So any help would be awesome.
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I believe you will never find this because you are asking for something that is extremely difficult to do in general, let alone for a small thing like an addon. If something were really important I guess you could copy the text into a web page like and get a rough idea of what is happening. Next best thing would be to learn some Spanish/Portuguese if you are playing in North America. I find that with some Spanish knowledge there is a bunch of Portuguese that one can understand. :-)
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sure, why not? after all we are going to have to learn spanish just to survive in our own english speaking country, so why not go out of our way to accommodate foreigners in our entertainment as well...

but i digress.

I'd rather have an addon that keeps the other countries out of my randoms like it used to be.
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The US was almost a German-speaking country...lost by one vote. There is no national language in the US. Watch out as the next 35 years will make some radical changes.
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^^ Urban Legend there is nothing to support this, in fact it was proven false.

Besides. If there was a language that would cause a threat, its not German and never was. If anything Spanish or french since they were over here fighting with us.

Furthermore, who cares. I think you should learn to speak English in the USA. I would never move to Germany, or Japan, or any other country without the expectation that I was to learn the language because I find it rude to not speak to someone in their own language in their own country and expect them to know what you are saying.

Not to mention thanks to all the Spanish speakers in the south, No offense to them. I could not get a job in most of southern Tx due to my lack of speaking Spanish. This to me was unfair that I could not get a job in my own country because I don't speak another Countries language.

It's not like its a tourist area... That I can understand. Working for Disney which I did. If you worked in the food areas or customer service you needed to speak at least Spanish and English, or Another largely known language.
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Depending on what you want to tell people, you can use in-game resources to communicate in their native language. If you link to an item, spell, dungeon journal entry, piece of gear, etc; the game engine will present the resulting link, tooltip, etc... in the language appropriate to each player's game client language setting.
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A free translation addon would never work. First of all, few use proper language on the internet. It's a lot of slang and abbreviations. In WoW there is extra slang and abbreviations specific to Warcaft players. It could be done, but it's such a large project that no one would be able to do it for free.

As far as the comment about learning Spanish.... That won't do much good when most of the foreign languages speakers I see in random are actually using Portuguese.

Blizzard needs to do something about forming groups that have different native languages selected. When players can't communicate it leads to trouble.
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so true
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Two monitors. Google Translate.

That's the best I have come up with.
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it would be neat to have an addon that used google translate. The addon would have to interface with your browser. It would be like chat box display that's actually google translate so when you type in what you want to say you can pick the language and it would put the response from google in your chat. Not sure if its possible but it would be neat

AddOns have absolutely no access to anything outside of WoW.
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