Best games for each console?

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For every console there is usually a defining game, what do you think it is?
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Depends, do you mean current gen, or all consoles in general?

Also, im not gonig to speak for Sega, Sony, or Microsoft, I've had all the playstations besides vita, but i only really played ps3 a good bit.(even then not as much as my wii) Never owned sega or xbox.

For the NES i'd say hands down Mario Bros 3. Honestly, this is the only game on the system i can still pop in and it won't feel really weird to play. It doesn't get old. Even playing Zelda or metroid on NES feels weird.

SNES, this system had a CRAP ton of kick !@# games. It had some of the best RPGs ever made like Chrono trigger, secret of mana, Super Mario RPG, etc. It also had some kick $%^ platformers like Donkey Kong Country, and Mario World. Other then those, Zelda: a link to the past was awesome, and so was Super metroid.

N64, oh man. This is hands down the BEST game system ever made. Theres zero room for failure....besides superman 64 and castlevania. It opened up with Mario 64, the standard for 2d to 3d transitions, and ended with Conkers Bad fur Day, one of the most mature nintendo games. Even though that game was how it is, it looks like any other rare game, everything has eyes and stuff, thats what makes it kick -*!. In the middle of those we saw games like Goldeneye, Banjo Kazoie, Donkey Kong 64, Majora's Mask, and of course, what most people say is the best game ever made, Ocarina of Time.Gamecube was a pretty dissapointing system, but when you look back on it games, you realize its actually pretty good. Sadly i think ive played the games more on ym wii then my GC itself. But the games that really stand out for this system were Metroid Prime, Zelda Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, Resident Evil four, and SSB: Melee. I think the reason this console didnt do so well was because Mario was kind of....MIA. I mean honestly sunshine was a decent game, but it got ruined because of (imo) one thing. THE SECRET MISSIONS. You know the ones were Shadow Mario takes fludd and you platform by yourself. But i do have to say, the voice acting was pretty funny. Bowser JR sounded like Bart Simpson.... Between all the inevitable Mario spinoffs, the only one alot of people really care about is mario kart, and double dash kinda sucked too. then there is the Wii, you love it or hate it. It has terrible third party but more then makes up for in its amazing first party games. the Wii version of TP if it counts, Skyward sword, Metroid prime 3, Super Smash bros Brawl. And Mario is back too. The TWO mario galaxies were both some of my favorite games ever, anyone who says his best days are behind him are just typical nostalgia griefers. Mario KArt wii was good too.the only sony system ill say is ps3. I only have uncharted 2, Skyrim, and Batman AC, Ill say id rather eat @#$% then play UC2. SKyrim is great but riddled with far too many bugs and obvious flaws. Seems weird, but id say Batman is the best.

Not gonig to say too much for handhels. I have had the gameboy, PSP, DS and 3DS, but i can't really decide on the best games =P
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NES: Super Mario Bros 3. Having been born after this console's time, It's hard for me to just sit down and play an NES game without forcing myself to. With SMB3, that feeling is completely non-existant. It's an NES game I can play of my own free will and actually have a lot of fun with.

SNES: Zelda: A Link to the Past. This is probably the game I've beaten the most on the SNES, it's that great. A pick for the SNES is pretty hard for me because there is a seemingly endless pile of gold for this system, but A Link to the Past stands out because not only is it a great game, but it's a great game that I never get bored of beating over and over again. Honorable mentions to Super Mario Allstars and Secret of Evermore.

N64: Super Mario 64. I don't think it matters who you ask, when you mention the N64 to them, chances are more than likely that this is the first game that comes to their mind. It's a staple that has integrated itself into almost every gamer's being.

Playstation: Resident Evil 2. I remember playing this as my first M rated game, and I was in awe. Having not played the first one, I didn't know what to expect game play to be like. I had plenty of fun spending hours blasting through zombies and solving puzzles. I had beaten the game and put it away for awhile feeling satisfied, but I had no idea there was a 2nd scenario. When I found out about it maybe a year later, I played again for the 2nd scenario. Needles to say, I was just as amazed as the first time through. The re-arrangement of items made it feel like an entire new game, not to mention the chill have having a Tyrant stalking you the entire game.

Gamecube: I would say Super Mario Sunshine, but I've already used Mario for two previous consoles so I'll go ahead and say Animal Crossing. This game brought me a kind of entertainment no other game has managed to. You get your own house in a town that's randomized at the start. The house starts small, but as you pay off your debt, it grows in size. I would spend plenty of time moving furniture around and decorating to make my house look just right. I would also eagerly wait to see what new items would be in stock at Nook's shop the next day. I'm pretty sure I could go on for many paragraphs as to why I love this game, but we wouldn't wanna read all that now, would we?

Playstation 2: Silent Hill 2. This game is the sole reason I don't get scared easily anymore. I played the first one years before and loved it, but I didn't expect much from a sequel. I was very surprised to find that the game not only beat my expectations, but it beat them into a bloody and unrecognizable mess. I had several chills running down my spine before I had even seen the first monster. The scenery at the beginning of the game was both breathtakingly beautiful, yet eerie. Going through the Apartment building and seeing Pyramid Head for the first time was an indescribably frightening experience for me. Even if you've never touched a Silent Hill game in your life, this game is more than worth buying.

Wii: Metroid Prime 3. The Metroid Prime series is what got me into Metroid in general, I hadn't touched a single Metroid game until I played Prime on the gamecube. The first was one of the best gamecube games I had played, but I was disappointed with the second. I considered not playing the third due to that, but I bought it anyways and boy did I not regret that. Motion Sensor controls were a thing I was pretty skeptical about, but this game seemed to nail it pretty good. The game play was pretty action packed with a good variety of areas to explore. The fact that you explore multiple planets on this game left the designers with very few limits on climates to experiment with, and I'd say they did a pretty good job of this. My only regret is that it's the last of the Prime series with little to no hope of a Metroid Prime 4 coming out :(
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04/09/2012 11:49 AMPosted by Derpkingas
N64, oh man. This is hands down the BEST game system ever made.
Sure, if you don't count the playstation 2.
Your opinion. The N64 had some of the greatest games ever made. Playstation two doesnt even compare imo
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04/09/2012 12:46 PMPosted by Derpkingas
Your opinion.
No it isn't. Playstation 2 has the most high quality games of any console, it puts the N64 to shame.

Opinions are like a-holes, so no point in arguing.
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Your opinion.
No it isn't. Playstation 2 has the most high quality games of any console, it puts the N64 to shame.

Ah, yes. The education system failing once again to teach people the difference between objectivity and subjectivity.

Personally, i'm a newer gamer so i haven't really played many of the older consoles. Oldest i played was snes, and i don't remember any of it. My favorite console, though? Xbox 360. As to what game, my favorite on it is somewhere between red dead redemption and dragon age origins. If i had a choice, though, i'd really use my computer for everything. Don't particularly consider it a console, though, so it doesn't neccesarily fit :)
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My personal favorite on the Genesis would be NBA Jam!

He's on fire!
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Sure, there may be -more- games that are considered good by the mass media or the masses of people. Doesn't mean that everyone considers those games to be good, this is where that lovely thing called an opinion comes into play.
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04/09/2012 01:15 PMPosted by Derpkingas
Ah, yes. The education system failing once again to teach people the difference between objectivity and subjectivity.
Go to metacritic and you'll see that the playstation 2 has more high quality games than the Nintendo 64, in addition to being a much stronger console and having an infinitely superior controller. Whether or not you think those games are high quality or not is opinion, but there is no denying there is more.

If you want to talk about objectivity, objectively the ps2 is better.

So you're telling me we should metacritic to see if a game system is good or not? Saying that the PS2 is better than the Nintendo 64 is an opinion. Saying that the Nintendo 64 controller is the "worst thing of all time" is an opinion. You say that the PS2 is better than the Nintendo 64 because it has "more higher quality games", "better hardware" and a "better controller". Those are all opinions.
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(Only Systems I've Owned)
NES: Super Mario 3
N64: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Gameboy: Pokemon Red
Playstation: Metal Gear Solid
Gameboy Advance: Advance Wars
Gamecube: Super Smash Bros
Xbox: Halo: Combat Evolved
Xbox360: Mass Effect
PlayStation3: LittleBigPlanet
PC: World of Warcraft

Honorable Mentions: (no particular order or categorization)
The Sims
Metal Gear Solid 4
Counter Strike
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Final Fantasy 7
Halo 3
Super Mario: 64
Zelda: Windwaker
Knights of the Old Republic
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Your opinion.
No it isn't. Playstation 2 has the most high quality games of any console, it puts the N64 to shame.
Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Mario party 2, Legend of zelda Ocarina of time, Majoras mask, Super Smash bros, Banjo Kazoie and Tooie, Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark, Donkey Kong 64, Conkeys Bad Fur day, etc.N64 had WAAAAAAAYYYY better games then Playstation 2. And are you comparing the hardware of N64 to a console a generation later? Wow kid....
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04/09/2012 11:48 AMPosted by Demonwolf
NES: Super Mario Bros 3. Having been born after this console's time, It's hard for me to just sit down and play an NES game without forcing myself to. With SMB3, that feeling is completely non-existant. It's an NES game I can play of my own free will and actually have a lot of fun with.
I must concur with this opinion. Having been born right on time to see this console's rise to powa (=P), I'd venture to say that this is quite possibly the best video game ever created.
Seeing as how my NES is as old as I am and yet still works flawlessly, I can say that they don't make 'em like they used to...
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Why are you guys even comparing the PS2 and the N64? Of course the PS2 is going to be better, because it was a console a generation ahead of the freaking N64, so of course the console is going to be better. The Gamecube came out the same time as the PS2.

As for the debate, I own both a N64 and a PS2, and the N64 the best console ever? Hell no. I don't even think the N64 was even better than the PSX, tbh.

I think Nintendo alienated their audience at the time. The people who played the NES and SNES were in their teens or reaching their 20's, and Nintendo decided to stick to making 'kid friendly' games instead of having a more variety. Granted, we got some great games like Ocarina and Smash Brothers, but they lacked a lot of Third Party support, which is what I think killed the system in the end. Think part of that was sticking to carts instead of going to CDs. Plus, no Earthbound 64. :(

Though granted, I will say my N64 works perfectly, while I had to to through 2-3 Playstations in it's lifetime.

For me:

NES - Tie between Dragon Warrior 3 and Super Mario Bro. 3
SNES - Tie between Link to the Past and Final Fantasy 6
N64 - Ocarina of Time
PSX - Too close to call. I'd choose Star Ocean 2 only by a smidge
PS2 - Persona 4
GB - Zelda: Link's Awakening
GBA - Golden Sun and Minish Cap
DS - Radiant Historia
PSP - Persona 3 remake

Yeah, RPG bias here.
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