Drenden's Reputation?

I'm fairly new to WoW, but from what I've heard, Drenden doesn't have the best reputation in terms of guilds, players' behavior, etc, and that we are somewhat infamous among the realms.

Can anyone clarify this?
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90 Troll Priest
No different then any other server, it's just being a low-mid pop server it may SEEM more of an issue.
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85 Night Elf Hunter
We're infamous??!


I thought we were just sleepy and mostly afk. HAH. Proved that theory wrong.
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90 Troll Priest
04/12/2012 04:22 AMPosted by Daylongdown
Probably one of the worst servers in existence if you are horde. Terrible player base if you are trying to pug pvp or pve content, over inflated economy, and a large gap in the alli to horde ratio. I would have quit wow if I had not transferred off.

I lol'd.
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90 Troll Priest
04/13/2012 01:20 AMPosted by Daylongdown

Hesher is more like my footstool.

sucks to hear that your guild-less, friendless and poor in an online video game.

Far from it. As much as you may wish I was "guild-less, friendless and poor" I transferred off your ghost town of a server with 10 friends, made our own guild on a populated server, and in the course of transferring all my characters off I made over 50k selling icc ammunition (2 weeks if your curious). Have fun being the big fish in a small pond.

Only 50k? Big spender over here. This server's not nearly as bad as other servers, such as Azshara which only has a population of 4k players in comparison to Drendens 11k player base. By no means is it like Illidans 50k player base, but it's also nice to be able to not be spammed in trade chat. Plus being on a server that has a bunch of progression guilds, doesn't mean you're a good player so don't let that get to your head. Drendens 95th in progression server wise out of 246 servers, by no means is that terrible and it's not all alliance either.
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85 Night Elf Hunter
lol he mad
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85 Night Elf Hunter
Well, your paragraph sizes say otherwise.

But anyway, ally side, pve pugging kinda sucks, I never see anyone do Sinestra or H Nef or even H Rag. But that's about all I find bad with this server. People are nice and I've made tons of money as a completely new character.

If you're interested in raiding all the time, yes, Drenden's probably a bad place to be.
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86 Worgen Warrior
Love Drenden. Just saying.
Pretty much everyone who hasn't left is decent and a lot of people are friendly.
Definitely not a hardcore raiding server, but there are a few guilds who really like to raid.

To each his own I suppose.
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90 Orc Hunter
Depends on the context. As a whole Drenden's not much different than most servers - relatively small, not a huge amount of progression/pugs, etc. Servers like Illidan, Blackrock, et al. are the minority, and offer a different experience than what most of the people that play WoW see. If that's what you're looking for, great.

If you're looking for world firsts this isn't the place for you, but neither are 99.99% of the realms/guilds out there (since there are really only 2 or 3 US guilds that even have a shot on any given tier).

Recruiting seems to get tougher every expansion, but again it's the same situation on the majority of servers until Blizz comes up with a solution for the lower-pop servers.

Pugs are pretty much nonexistent on Drenden Horde, but that's what Openraid is for. Hopefully Blizz will open up cross-realm raiding for the latest-and-greatest tier going forward, and then it doesn't really matter what server you're on.

As for the economy, little-pond or not there are plenty of opportunities to make gold. There are a few people with +7 figures; even if you're starting from scratch you can make several hundred k in a couple of months if you know what you're doing and work at it (again not much different than any other server). If you want to gold cap 50 toons this isn't the place for it, but again neither are most places.

Personally speaking I don't have specific ties to Drenden itself - I used to be more active on the realm forums during BC but it's fairly quiet here now. But Heresiarch has been here for 5 years so it'd be a shame to break it up or leave our roots (not everyone in the guild can afford to pay to transfer 10 characters, have some friends that play once every few months that we wouldn't want to leave behind, etc.).

But if you took everyone in the guild and plopped them on another 100 servers in the US I probably wouldn't even notice. I've been in 2 guilds now for the past 5 years (brief stint with a hardcore guild) and don't plan on making it 3. Some of the people I've played with for multiple years can be objectively classifed as "bads" - but the esprit de corps means more to me than a world 50 Big Bad kill.

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90 Night Elf Warrior
I took off for awhile to another server after being here since day 1 pretty much and i had to come back, good place for the casual player, alot of friendly peeps......like others have mentioned if you are looking for hardcore pvp or pve stuff this probably isnt the server for you
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90 Night Elf Druid
As was pointed out in a recent article I read (don't recall where), it isn't always about the server you're on. If you can find a group of people to play with, doing the types of things you want to do, then you can be content anywhere. I transferred over from a different mid-sized server and haven't regretted it.

The economy isn't over-inflated as far as I've seen...the people who work the AH here, though, are fairly serious about it which leads to less low-priced materials as they tend to snap 'em up and resell for profit...which is very smart on their part.

Progression is only as important as you feel it needs to be. If you want a server that is pushing the leading edge of content, this may not be the place for you. If you want some good guilds, friendly and willing to help you out - this is a great home.

Like I said originally, though: It isn't about the server. It's about the people.
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85 Goblin Hunter
i was Drenden originally when i started back in wrath....i kinda miss it...MG is a little crazy with spam and i have to pug everything cause guilds are actually to serious for me.....actually thinking of coming back......but not sure what im doing right now.....anyone from bucket list tell wiccan Onewing said hey!
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