Forsakèn a new guild with over 450 members, and two bank tabs.
We are looking for a few dedicated members for officer positions to help me lead guild events, in order to level the guild, and soon form a casual (1 day a week) raid going into MoP.

The officer positions will include, use of guild bank tabs, free repairs, and when we progress into raids (and hit level 5) we will be covering officers Gems, enchants, and flasks. For an officer i am currently looking for somebody with past experience leading groups whether it be successful Pugs, or leading friends through heroics. Officers will have (with the release of MoP) access of my personal tab too withdraw blues, epics the guild acquires for their personal use.

The raider (heroics ATM until we have a consistent and reliable group) will include free repairs, and flasks for raids (and heroics during MoP when necessary) and of course withdrawals from the guild bank

Finally of course we have room for people looking for a leveling guild, to run normal dungeons and quest with

The Casual ranks will include, 5 gold a day for your repairs (85's will receive 15g) use of some bank tabs, and a friendly enviroment

Please either post on this forum or contact me in game if you are interested in any of these positions.

-For people curious as to why a level 1 guild has 450+ members the old guild leader transferred the guild off reducing the level to 1 but keeping all the members. I have taken the initiative to lead it, but cannot do it alone