Hello Llane,

<Stamus In Ignem> (5/8 Heroic) is recruiting a Holy Priest or Resto Shaman for our main heroic 10 man group, as well as any exceptional players of any class/role.

Raid times are Mon-Wed 9pm-12am. Tuesday and Wednesday being our heroic progression nights and Monday being our clear cleanup night.

We're looking for somewhat already geared toons. Preferably 392+, but we will take high 380's if T13 4 set is already acquired. We will be able to gear you a little bit, but you will be expected to meet a certain level of performance.

If you are unable to make the raid times but still would like to join, we also have 2 other raid groups. One being a late night run, Tues-Wed 12:30am-3am, and a weekend run, Fri-Sat 9pm-12am. The late night run is 1/8H working on 2/8, and the weekend run is 8/8N getting ready to attempt 1/8H.

If you're interested in any of the raids mentioned above, please send in-game tells or mail to Preacharound, or Solanith. Or you may put in an app on our website http://stamusinignem.guildzilla.com

If you have any logs or rankings on worldoflogs.com, please be prepared to list them.

Thank you!
Edited by Preacharound on 4/11/2012 8:40 PM PDT