I'm going to host a DS25m on 4-7-12, 4pm-6:30 server time. 5-10min break after blackhorn so ppl can turn in tokens or w/e. Plz carry gem/enchants to save time.
Plz be online 20minutes early for invite. Have your own food/flask/pots.
If you have cleared 10m normal in the past and can do around/atleast 25k for most fights you should be able to do 25m easily. Just remember 10/25 share a lockout. Going to throw out a general 382 equipt ilvl. Higher the better but I prefer experience more. 25m strategy and difference will be explained.

Sign up here or message in game.
Please take the time to contact me before 3pm on sat. I want organize this as best I can before we go. I will send you a calander invite in game. Its Easter weekend if you don't have plans come on out.

MS>os boe equipt. Ess are freeroll, PST profs for plans. Plz don't roll for os on tokens. Don't sell gear you win bc then it was not a MS roll.

You can contact me here or on vashla, gorrie, harriss, norvien, vashlyn. I will be on vashla tonight from 6 to 10 server. Ill be doing a few hardmodes so I may not respond right away in game.

I have raid led all of cata for guild cores and pug raids. I also raid all of my 85s. I know how build a successful raid comp. So plz don't wait to last minute for an invite. I do not want to be stacking too many of the same class.

This will be for fun but I expect to full clear so plz do the same. Don't be scared to say you don't know what to do.

If you like to help promote this by all means do so. Ty and Happy Easter.
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