Incoming: 250,000 More Beta Invites

90 Gnome Rogue
Has anyone gotten an invite in the past hr or so, trying to gauge if they are still rolling out or just wait for next wave
90 Blood Elf Rogue
dont remember him announcing the end of the previous waves, seems like he posts it and forgets it.
100 Tauren Shaman
yea in the beta nowz thanks for the pass
85 Goblin Death Knight
:-/ still waiting
100 Troll Shaman
Account created 2/17/05 , AP signed up on 10/22/11 ... no invite but oh well, I signed up for the free copy of Diablo3
Been playing since 9/29/08, Bought Annual Pass 11/7/11, Still no invite. Friend started playing last year and got an invite, bought annual pass in January, Thanks blizz.
85 Night Elf Druid
wtfff finally get invite and login servers are busy T.T
32 Dwarf Paladin
If it helps any, it's a Beta with all the problems Beta's have-- plus the fact that hundreds (thousands?) of people are all making Pandaren at the same time. They're bottle-necked on a number of quests, the frame-rate is extremely low, lag this morning is REALLY bad...

It's fun, if you expect it to be a beta. If you expected to just get to play a Pandaren Monk early, you'll probably be disappointed. You'll probably also be one of the many people all yelling (in /y I mean) at each other to move off of the quest objects/NPC's so you can take a turn. Which doesn't help, because they're not moving until they get their turn-- even though bunching up is what's keeping them from getting one ;)

I'm only saying that to help you be patient. Playing when the rush of this wave is over will probably be a lot more enjoyable.
32 Dwarf Paladin
04/05/2012 10:47 AMPosted by Lilshycii
wtfff finally get invite and login servers are busy T.T

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that. So many people trying to get in all at once!
100 Troll Druid
It is a 4 day weekend for me, why Bashiok, why no invite yet?
90 Night Elf Hunter
Still no invite i hope they are still sending em out this is getting annoying ive been playing since 04 and Annual pass for awhile. i understand its a process but Really. even i have limits to my Patience.
90 Blood Elf Death Knight
04/05/2012 10:47 AMPosted by Lilshycii
wtfff finally get invite and login servers are busy T.T

Did you just get it?
90 Blood Elf Warlock
/sigh still no inv
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