War College - Alterac Valley


10 Gnome Priest
For Alliance, I've found the following strategy to be particularly effective:

zerg zerg gogogo gogo all in win
86 Troll Hunter
1. Avoid enemy - no point in any PvPing
2. Cap RH
3. Cap two south towers
4. Wait
5. Kill Drek

Congrats. You just passed AV Kindergarten.
Basically this, this BG is a skeleton with no meat to chew.

Also, in any BG: Use the map option to keep a small version of the map in the lower right of the screen. This shows you (without you having to take time out to press M to look at your map) where horde or alliance towers are/who owns them, and where the flag carriers are. This makes you a lot more effective and gives you more awareness.
90 Blood Elf Mage
There is a small pathway here http://i.imgur.com/B1x7E.jpg that allows you to sneak by that area during large battles in order to cap the other teams buildings that lay defenseless behind them
86 Worgen Hunter
Loot Insignia's

Summon Giant Tree

All hail Giant tree
90 Tauren Druid
For class specifics, Mages are EXTREMELY good at bottlenecking- Ring of Frost a bottleneck, and watch as 20 ppl get frozen for 12 seconds.

Stealth classes are good at camping enemy flags. See someone try to recap, pounce on em!

General rules, umm

If you get into a Turtle, start collecting enemy items. Return the armor. Getting the next stage of guards makes it to where a single player cant cap a GY. Getting the next, 4 ppl cant cap without good cooridnation. Get the last, dont even have to worry bout GYs anymore.

It takes about 400 armor for first, or aound 20 looted bodies, and quite a bit more for the next 2.
Each tower should give points overtime (like mine), each kill remove an enemy points, the last boss stop points regen, you need 500kills initianly. KILL KILL KILL. Thats be amazing.
85 Undead Hunter
1. Avoid enemy - no point in any PvPing
2. Cap RH
3. Cap two south towers
4. Wait
5. Kill Drek

Congrats. You just passed AV Kindergarten.

90 Blood Elf Warlock
All i ever see if people zerg rushing
85 Undead Hunter
Revert back to classic AVs
Remove it from the random queue so people can't complain about 3-4 hour AVs


Leave AV the way it is but introduce "Classic AV" as a possible queue option. Let those people who miss the old AV queue for that.

A third option would be to scale the NPC's as they release new tiers of gear.
Well, the first thing you need to do is start "Peeling the Onion."
90 Human Paladin
It used to be if the horde Turtled in this one, Alliance would always lose. But in the past year I've seen Alliance turn those horde turtles around and end up winning. Probably about 3/4 of the time.

Trick here is to defend towers, 5 per. Because back-cappers will make your life miserable in this battleground. You have 40 people in this instance. You can easily spare 20 to guard towers, and the rest should be defending graveyards.

Nobody should be screwing around pulling the end boss. And if you're Alliance, get the hell off noob hill!
86 Dwarf Hunter
For Alliance:

Assuming Horde is rushing too, auto-follow to Galv, alt-tab in, kill him. Have 15 people cap IB tower and leave a couple of ranged folks to defend, they like getting LoS-locked. People who are zerging south will cap Aid Station and the 2 towers at FW base. On their way there, have 5 people capture Tower Point and kill the forever-Evading NPC by its base. Have the other 10 people stop and cap FW graveyard. Some of the ones who stopped at FW GY will mock you for capturing it stating it will cause Horde to spawn at Aid Station (despite every single Horde up north doing their thing).

**Now, there is an essential strategic position there that must be conquered and held at all costs**

Hill 132 must never be recaptured by Horde. The graveyard and the two towers pose no importance to achieving victory. The Hill. Must. Not. Fall.

When there are almost no blue time bars left on your screen, it is time to kill Drek'thar and win.

PS. Alterac valley is no longer as fun as we all know. I feel kind of bad for blues who will have to scroll through so much trolling.
90 Human Rogue
haha this is a great way to log on alts and bg it to shreds or run around in circles while u watch tv this can be the most boring bg ever
90 Undead Warlock
Loot Insignia's

Summon Giant Tree

All hail Giant tree

I really wish they would adjust the BG so that we see these guys more often. Summoning up the reinforcements was a big part of why the BG was great. There isn't much point doing it these days, the game is usually over before you get to summon them.

Make the game a little longer (Higher reinforcement count, tougher generals) and make the summons easier to get on the field and I think AV would be great.
80 Undead Mage
This is for the 80-84 twink bracket. : As you all know the horde has been losing 80 and 84 twinks throughout the year, and the Alliance have been gaining the experienced players.

In the beginning, we always have at least 2-3 people going in the mines, which is normal, but when we all start going to the field of strife and the bunkers, no one goes for the Graveyard ahead of Balinda, so everyone who dies on Galv rez's right in our face, causing us to fall back to the field of strife, and allowing us to be ganked from the ones who killed Galv. And actually resulting in a loss due to total farmage, if you are a all-star pvp'er, you should know to kill the healers first, than the DPS.
Get Frostwolf Insignia Rank 1.

GET IT! JUST DO IT! It improves with reputation and makes you great at covering your own team's back.

Oh... and I can't help asking development to make this trinket relevant again to the raised level caps.
90 Worgen Warrior
Throwing in that the current incarnation of AV is a long shot from what the original was. Collect items, form groups to take towers, summon and upgrade troops. If you really wanted to make an AOS/DOTA style bg this one could be converted pretty easily into one and would play more like it did in day's past, rather than the object to a quick win being to avoid pvp where ever possible.
85 Human Paladin
1. Avoid enemy - no point in any PvPing
2. Cap RH
3. Cap two south towers
4. Wait
5. Kill Drek

Congrats. You just passed AV Kindergarten.

Welcome to the most boring BG. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
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