(A) The Order of Shadows

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~The Order of Shadows~
~Alliance Guild~

Guild Type: Casual Leveling, Raiding, & PvP
Website: http://theorderofshadows.wowstead.com

Raiding Recruitment:
Recruiting: Main Raid Team
Tanks: Full
Healers: Full
DPS: Full
Raid Times: Thursday = 7:30pm to 10:00pm Realm Time (CST)
Monday = 7:00pm to 10:00pm Realm Time (CST)
Raid Leader: Zarestina

Recruiting: Second Raid Team
Tanks: 2 Tanks
Healers: 1 Tank Heals (Disc Priest or Pally) 1 Raid Heals (Druid & Shammy)
Raid Times: Friday = 9:00pm Realm Time (CST) to 11:00pm Realm Time (CST)
Sunday = 9:00pm Realm Time (CST) to 11:00pm Realm Time (CST)
Raid Leader: Elymental

Recruiting: Third Raid Team
Tanks: 2 Tanks
Healers: 2 Raid Heals (Druid & Shammy)
Raid Times: Wednesday = 10:00am to 12:00pm Realm Time (CST)
Monday = 10:00am to 12:00pm Realm Time (CST)
Raid Leader: Dagmara

PvP Recruitment:
Recruiting: Main RBG Team
Tanks: DK, Pallies, & Warriors
Healers: All Classes
DPS: Mdps & Rdps
Rated Battle Ground Times: Undetermined at the time.

~Guild Information~
We are a Casual Leveling, Raiding, & PvP based guild. We run raids and rated battle grounds in a more serious mature based environment while providing a knowledgeable & drama free environment for levelers who enjoy a more casual aspect of the game.
We are recruiting for raids & rated bgs (as listed above for specifics) and are always welcoming in new and veteran players to our guild who are looking for a more mature and calm environment to play and enjoy their time in a game we all love to play. We don’t turn anyone away unless they can’t handle our guild policies that we have set forth to keep our guild family friendly and drama free. We hope to see you in game with us.

If you are interested in our guild for Raiding or PvP please send a message to the following.
Raiding & PvP Officer: Elymental
To just join us please send a Message to any of the following listed.
Guild Master: Methostoplie
Guild Council Member: Tidbitz, Ldyheather, & Wolphslady
Thanks for your interest in our guild!!

A Message from the GM.
I am the Guild Master for The Order of Shadows of the Terokkar Server, My goal as it’s GM is to provide a family friendly and mature environment to my guildies & to have my guild as a example to the terokkar server. No my guild is not the best out there nor do we pretend to be, but we do have a loving mature family environment that I have seen some guilds lack. In my opinion what makes a guild the best is not the level of the guild or the progression rating, but the class of people in the guild is what make it the best. Our daily strive is to ensure that each guildie enjoys there time within The Order & make their World of Warcraft experience the best that they can remember. I am proud to say that the people of this guild are some of the best on Terokkar and some of the Greatest in World of Warcraft. If you haven’t tried our guild out or have and left but are looking for a home or are looking for something new, I challenge you to send me or any of those listed on my staff a message to join us and try us out and see if what I am telling you is true.
Thank you for your interest in my guild.
Guild Master for the Order
Edited by Methostoplie on 6/29/2012 12:01 PM PDT
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the (H) before your guild name normally means horde, you should put (A)
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