Bought a Guild recently - couple questions

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This toon is the GM of a guild, I took my main and purchased a level 25 guild and started the process of moving my small guild over.

I assumed that the old GM wasn't wanting his guild since he took my offer. The new guild has almost 300 members. I paid to rename the guild. We have been communicating that we want to work with people. No one has really left. Problem (and an understandable one) is that very few people in the new guild are responding to me in guild chat or whispers. Some people are very friendly to me. Most however aren't and they perk right up when the old GM comes online.

To the crux - the old GM and I have VERY different leadership styles. The tone he sets with the guild isn't a friendly one either. I am a helpful GM - he is all about #1. I believe that culture starts at the top. I kept him in an officer role out of courtesy to him and the guild. It seems however it maybe time to cut the head off the snake.

Should I remove him from his officer role? I am worried that things will stay how they are if he isnt removed completely. Part of me want to remove everyone and start over (this is the frustration talking) but that wouldn't be fair to the work they had put into the guild or their rep. I too sacrificed and paid a lot of gold (which equates to time) and I lost my rep with my old guild. My guildies from my old guild lost their rep and moved over as well and they arent happy.

I like my guild to be like family - a safe place, and my original guildies aren't feeling it anymore.

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You can't have a safe, family guild when you randomly show up as a boss of someone else's. At best it will take A LOT of time and work from you until people warm up to you and acknowledge you at the top.

It's not good or bad but, it's to be expected. Guilds are bought either for perks and cashflow or to save the leveling process (in which case they are usually empty to begin with). Your guild came with members but you didn't buy them as a bonus :P.

Be a good GM, work with the guild, and eventually it should work out =). Don't let people leaving (which will happen a lot) or some initial drama get to you.

As for the old GM officer, honestly I don't know. I would want to remove him as a principle unless he does his job well and you guys see eye to eye on most things.

On a side note: I too noticed that the douches-type of people tend to find success and acceptance easier for some reason - at least in the short term. This isn't only limited to guilds or even wow.
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Thanks Naxa

I agree and we haven't had a lot of drama - out in the open. So I am grateful for that. There is an unspoken awkwardness. We are dealing with it. And there are some great people in the guild.

My wife is Co-GM and I spoke with her about this today too. One of our officers from the old guild was complaining how the new guild wasn't very social. I think we just need to start recruiting more people under us so they know what to expect from the get go. The old people in the new guild will over time either assimilate or will be lost through attrition. Nothing serious has happened, but if it did I will handle those people as needed.

My one big question is the old GM. I will have to think on this some more. I think I may remove him has an officer. As it stands I have Myself, then a Co-GM rank for my wife and my alts, and then 2 officer ranks and he is in the lower tier. He hasn't done much except he never told his guild he was selling, and after it sold didn't tell them why for a few days. There was chaos and confusion. Then we find out he was telling people that he just didn't have as much time for WoW but he would still be kind of in charge when he was online. <<< this part bothers me the most.
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If he sold you the guild he should have left it. I would never buy a guild with members (and I've bought 10 but all level 1-3) because they've obviously invested in the guild and will consider it "theirs" and not "yours" despite your having Rank 0.

Personally, I'd remove the old GL and any of the "old guard" from the guild as you don't want there to be any mix ups about who is in charge. Then general members would be free to stay if they are a good fit for your new guild ideology but if not, they should be removed as well if they cause a disruption (if they just want perks I wouldn't bother to remove as long as they are polite and peaceful).

Once the guild was sold (for good or ill), it belongs to you and not the old GL. He should be gone so that you can create the culture that you desire.

Edit to add: I have been the GL of a 400 member level 25 social guild since December, 2008. I do have some experience with guild leadership despite this character now being a part of a raiding guild rather than a social guild.
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It is hard to give advice without knowing why you brought this level 25 guild and what type of guild it is. You already had your own guild and got everyone to moved across but what for? The perks? to understand the reasoning behind it helps to have insight why you are being treated a bit on the cold side. However as others have said it takes time for people to get used to new leadership especially ones that basically brought their leadership. You have to get thru the phase of earning people's respect. as for the ex gm sounds like you will have a power struggle which will hinder the guild. You will need to remove the ex gm however expect a lot of people to follow suit if they love the ex gm. see if the ex gm will leave on his own and try to reason with him first. You are in a horrid situation but I suppose that goes with buying a guild and the gm stays.
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...If he didn't even tell his members he was selling; shows how much he cared about them and the guild. His claims of being sort of in charge are false as well unless you agreed to them as part of the deal and plan to go ahead with it.

Morale of selling guilds aside, that's not a leader in my eyes. Based on this alone I'd demote him and explain to the guild why you did so - ie. you have a different vision for your guild and you don't want to confuse anyone. Don't start drama over it and I'd suggest you end it as quickly and professionally as you can instead of letting it boil until some inevitable real scandal.

Or I suppose you can talk to him first. Don't expect much from that but you never know I guess :P.
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04/10/2012 08:44 AMPosted by Iazerbeam
Well i say tell them to stop or just tell them u dont like it leave dont se why u care so much

Given you're trying to spam sell your guild every few hours, doubt you would understand why he cares.
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Uh. . .if the old GM is still in a leadership position then it wasn't so much a guild purchase as a guild merger, was it?

In your shoes I'd demote him to a member. He sold the guild and by staying in the guild with previous members (REALLY? What kind of GM sells a guild while he still has members in it?!) he is sowing seeds of dissent and drama.
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He has been demoted as well as all his alts - all old guard had already been removed.

We purchased it because we wanted the perks.

I have the gold and I was working on leveling the guild - got to level 3 with only a handful of active members. I have people from other realms and factions that are transferring to my guild as well.

We have a fun group - it was more for instant gratification.

things are getting better. About 5 or 6 have quit. 2 of them came back. We have grown by 30+ members this week. The newer people are more loyal to me. It will be hard for the old members but they are coming around quickly

Really the question is the old leadership. If they act up and demoting wasnt enough then they will be removed

thanks all!
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As a side note - they wanted to raid but only 3 people from the guild showed up for it (my wife and I were 2 of them) so I pugged the rest and from that raid 3 more people joined the guild, so I may end up building my own raiding group as well.
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04/10/2012 04:01 PMPosted by Kishkhumen
As a side note - they wanted to raid but only 3 people from the guild showed up for it (my wife and I were 2 of them) so I pugged the rest and from that raid 3 more people joined the guild, so I may end up building my own raiding group as well.

You are in charge!

The awkwardness will pass. However, considering that the previous GM told members that he would still be kind of in charge, I recommend diffusing that situation quickly. If he is the kind of leader who will sell his position without so much as a word to the guild, and then undermine your authority by saying he's still in charge, he will be a problem. You will probably have to remove him. Don't be discouraged when some members follow.

As Naxa said, be a good GM and things will work out :)
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I've been thinking about this since yesterday, since fundamentally I don't support the concept of buying a guild full of people.....there is no possible way it will still be the "same" guild, you even gave it a new name. The original membership had no choice in any of the changes. That said, what's done is done. I respect your decision to try to be a good gm to the established guild as well as the guildies you brought with you. I respect the respect you are showing to the original guildies.

Of the original guildies: Many will be staying only because they don't want to lose their guild rep. You have until they are exalted to convince them that this new guild is better than the old one. They will likely be the quiet ones. Let them be. Others will be trying to adjust to a new home...make them feel welcome. They will be your key to a harmonious blended family. Make personal contact, one at a time, with those who seem open to your leadership, find an officer or 2 amongst them--but be moderate with their promotions. Just enough to let them know you value their input and their influence with the old guard.

The old gm? Gkick. One thing that hasn't changed over the years, when guild leadership changes hands, the old gm needs to take a very very back seat, or leave guild.

And finally, it sounds like you have gone from a small guild to a large one. Your world has changed. Good luck.
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Kick everyone, rebuild. You cant expect to waltz your way in there after flexing the gold e-peen and have people respect you as a leader. Buying your way isnt leadership.

Alternatively you can just start doing stuff that shows your power, kicking members, rewards for guildies, promotions demotions. Actually i'd suggest finding out which one of your regular members has some sway in your guild and promote him to officer people will respect him enough and he'll respect you with this gift of power.
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I, myself, recently purchased a level 25 guild and some of my friends came over with me. The guild I bought had about 600 members.

Initially, of course, those current members didn't know me at all. I've worked to earn their respect by generally being helpful and considerate to them, and I think it's working pretty well so far.

I did not let the old guildmaster keep a position of high rank. He gave it up when he took the trade, and would not have felt out of bounds in removing him from the guild. I did not, however, because he's not causing me any difficulty. In your situation, if your styles are so different, then yes you should remove him from a role of leadership. It's your guild now, you set the standards and the rules. Those in a leadership position should be there based on how you think things should operate.

I don't think it's reasonable for you to expect the small family atmosphere since everybody's feeling rather out of sorts about the transition. Try to organize activities with both groups you have, and hopefully friendships will bloom and everybody will be happy, but you need to realize that this may not be a realistic expectation.
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04/11/2012 01:23 PMPosted by Twiister
Kick everyone, rebuild. You cant expect to waltz your way in there after flexing the gold e-peen and have people respect you as a leader. Buying your way isnt leadership

Ironically the cost was pretty low compare to most level 25 guilds on a large pop server like Lightbringer - my wife was half jokingly offering to buy a level 25 guild in Trade and he took the offer, we never thought anyone would do it but we snatched it up for the price. I never expected respect. What I do expect from people (and I am not naive to believe I will get it from everyone) is honesty. If they have issues let me know what they are so I can address them. If they have needs or wants, talk to me.

I will note that the guild is coming together rather quickly. Old GM has been demoted. I have been moving people around rank-wise. And we had our first gkick yesterday. For the positives, the friendly atmosphere is coming around. More people are responding to my kindness and helpfulness. Some are talking to me on a personal level. They are not used to people being helpful in chat. Many are still critical and derogatory when people share their ideas regarding the game but they are starting to come around to being more positive. The tone has changed and is changing,

I wrote the original post on a bad day (RL not WoW) but from your words I found encouragement and stuck my guns. I am having more fun leading these people and the old guildies are finding themselves more comfortable.

I am a father of 7 children, 4 of which play WoW with my wife and I, and are members of the guild. This is the major reason for wanting it to be family friendly. After 2 weeks less than 10 have left and only the one person has been gkicked. The old GM is in my sites but we are cutting him a little slack to come around. He has chilled quite a bit.

thanks again for your words and advice.
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I am a father of 7 children, 4 of which play WoW with my wife and I, and are members of the guild. This is the major reason for wanting it to be family friendly. After 2 weeks less than 10 have left and only the one person has been gkicked. The old GM is in my sites but we are cutting him a little slack to come around. He has chilled quite a bit.

Glad to hear that things are coming around. Looks like the number of people leaving is actually not that bad and likely only those who are not looking for a family friendly environment. It's good that the old GM has chilled. But keep a close eye on him. His comments may just have gone underground.
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The OP's article reminds me of my old RL office.

We had a company of 1500 people.

Our owner sold us to someone else.

The hostility to the new owner was of epic proportions.

The new owner fired the "old guard".

Things settled down for a bit then our whole "office" was fired.

Now the company that bought us is no longer in business.

I find it amazing how things in this game remind me of RL events.
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First thanks for the advice, everyone.

The guild is thriving now and growing. It has gone from 265 members to 330. We lost fewer than 10 people.

The old GM removed himself from the equation, I think he knew he wasn't a good fit anymore. He has 2 alts in the guild (not officers) and he rarely logs in on them. I asked what happened to his main toon (had almost 11,000 achieves) because I couldn't find him in the armory. I figured he had realm changed but he told me that he had deleted him...

We have had a little backlash from 2 players, one we removed and the other stepped in line. What was great was one of our officers was from the old GM's guild and he was very vocal in backing us up in the matter.

The old guild didn't offer a lot in the way of help to the guildies other than the perks. I believe that people are mostly kind if treated with respect and kindness. The ones that arent will leave on their own and a few will be pushed out.

We offer help to any and all and it was hard work for a couple weeks. But now we see more people online (usually close to 20 at a time) and they interact in chat more. They ask for help and offer help more. It has become the close knit community that we were looking for.

We are now offering contests to change things up and get more people involved. Needless to say, the issue I posted about originally has come to a happy end.

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