Trade chat has now evolved into general chat

Hey everyone! I've been on my alt and I noticed that everyone is treating TC like GC, don't you think? I mean, trade chat's for trading, and such, but now, it's just turned into a regular chat room! Example:

Trader: WTS Some embersilk cloth, pst me!
Chatter: Shut up, no one wants to hear. Anyway, I was in thunder bluff yesterday............

See? They don't care if it's trade chat or not, and it's strange. Besides, they may spoil their excitement, like this:

Trader: Hey, i'm trading (Insert item here) for (Insert another item here)!
Chatter: No one cares, and no one wants to buy your stupid (Insert stuff here)!

Again, SEE? That affected me once, you know. Also, may I add they've also been talking about IRL, when they should be talking about it in gen chat? Yet again, another example:

Chatter: Yeah, yeah, anyway, I was in the mall yesterday......................

Anyway, this has to stop, so the chatters who call trade chat home have to move back to general chat. One last thing: Not all of them are bad, some of them are just really nice and sweet, but mostly, trade chat is just a sea of weirdness, filled with traders, chatters, and trolls. Not troll as in mon, troll as in trolling of trolling the internet. And, if there is stuff that I missed, let me know, and i'll fix it!

Peace, Creettar. level 57, Inner Circle.
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85 Undead Rogue
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I don't mind people talking about stuff other then trade goodies. I think it keeps the game going because now there is LFG and everything you need is in a city. Hell, you don't have to quest anymore to lvl from 15-85. Sometimes it can get overboard, but most times it's funny. This is just my view. :P
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85 Tauren Warrior
Nobody trades on Fizzcrank, because there's nobody here. And with nobody here, there's nobody farming up items worth trading.

And honestly, this didn't happen recently. It's been this way since Vanilla, just after they took down Global Trade Chat.
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