[H] <Urban Legends> 5/8hm LF Ret/Prot Pally

90 Blood Elf Priest
We are currently seeking 1 skilled Ret Pally with Prot offspec. Please read the statement below for all information needed and who to contact.

About Urban Legends:

Mission Statement
We run a 10-person raiding group, and focus on clearing content within a very tight schedule, often raiding for less than half the time of other similarly progressed guilds. Most of our guild members have very busy lives, and we think that this focus is a big advantage for us.

Code of Conduct
We are working hard to build up a reputation as a respectful, mature, and drama-free guild. As such, we have zero tolerance for offensive comments, trolling in /trade, or any other behavior that will reflect negatively on our guild.

It is important that you can attend nearly every scheduled raid encounter. Real life issues can sometimes interfere and that is understandable to an extent. We are by no means a “hardcore” guild, we are here to have a good time, but also know that if attendance is poor, then progression will be poor.

Raid times: Sun/Mon 8pm-11pm PST

It will be your responsibility to come to each raid with some prior knowledge of the scheduled raid encounter. We encourage our members to go out and search strats to bring to the table for discussion for all boss kills.

Most of us that are familiar with raiding, especially progressive content, know that sometimes morale can get put down. No one enjoys wiping on the same boss week after week and finally downing him on the 100th attempt, but you must be aware that this kind of occurrence can happen. It is necessary for you to cope with the negativity and continue to push yourself. Whining is not tolerated.

Guild Perks
As a core raider we do supply you with all enchants, gems and repairs. You will also have food and flasks given to you at each raid. All you need to do is show up and kill bosses.

Now if you feel that you are qualified to meet the necessary requirements or have any questions concerning our recruitment, contact one of the following officer’s in-game: Nique, Toneknee, Habeus or Glenai. Thank you.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
*Bump for tanks and healers!
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85 Draenei Paladin
Hello Guild, Urban Legends.
I am a 396 holy pally that is transferring this Sunday to Ner'zhul and will be performing a faction change. I have cleared DS on reg many times. As it happens the guild i am in now does not wish to begin Heroic progression.
I have raided since early LK as a healer. I am an exceptional healer and know my class very well.
If our raid times match up i will be most interested in receiving a trial run.
Cellanna is currently on that realm as a belf mage in case you wish to meet me in game to discuss before sunday night.
Thank you very much :)

Also if there is a guild website i would be happy to fill out information
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Hi Cellistle, Ill be online today around 8-11 server for my groups raid. If you'd be able to log on Id love a chance to chat. We don't have a guild website that we use for recruitment as my guild mates like to use the Facebook page instead.

I look forward to speaking with you.

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90 Blood Elf Priest
Bump for 1 tank
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Bump for dps!
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