History of Shadow Council

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I remember when (Honestly forgot his name, undead warlock or mage) posted a photo of a dead cat that they called "Sven". Oh lawld
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The ballad of he-who-shall-not-be-named.
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100 Troll Priest
01/17/2013 05:01 PMPosted by Swiftdagger
I remember when (Honestly forgot his name, undead warlock or mage) posted a photo of a dead cat that they called "Sven". Oh lawld

That would be Meranoth, if memory serves me.
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Remember the good ol' days with Packhunter/Clancey/Jazzman/Vras. Can anyone say they dont miss the trolls. Oh dont forget about Edanna/Annade

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Been about since a few months after the server came up, I have some found memories of a lot of the older big guilds, day long AV matches when it was server only, and sending much hate towards Black Omen. I missed a lot of the big events due to work but had plenty of people to share them second hand with me.

The forum drama never seemed to stop (Deepwater Pirates trolling everything I read). Joining some Order of the Nightsabre and Solar Fidelis raids and having Hikky lead me through some content I would have never gotten to see on my own.

A lot of fun guild moments, the RP/ERPing >.> and Tauren Lumbermill assaults.There were troubled times too for my little aussie guild going from almost the numbers to 40man to having the officers flit off to other guilds or burn out and GM changes. And Aethwyn branching out to make her raid guild (KI, I could never spell it) with a big salute from everyone.
Hurray on the side for some people still remembering us!
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Well, I've been playing on Shadow Council since I joined the game in 2005. Unfortunately, I'm still playing with the same computer. I think pretty much my first guild was Twisted Web, playing with Freaky and Eineby and whatnot. I seem to recall Freaky dieing in instances because he was stoned a few times.

I mostly played in the summer then had to quit again when college started back up, but every time I came back, I generally wound up playing in a guild with those guys. Raided MC/ZG/AQ20 with a group of guilds. After googling, I think it was Dark Guards. Hey, I got the MC bracers for my efforts!

Raiding Kara in BC with my warrior was probably my most fun I had, combined with running dungeons with my tank friend all the time. Forgot his name, now, but he was working in the energy field out in Wyoming I think. Girlfriend made him quit, I guess. I think I also might have done some silly RP with Ganomex on my warrior way back around that time.

I guess classic/BC are my best memories to date. The balance was just right for me, I guess.
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I have a picture around here somewhere of the Luna anniversary. Where BO came to SW to, I believe it was Boro who MC'd Pack- er, he-who-must-not-be-named for us to kill, good times.

Yes it was Boro, wow had forgotten about that event... Talk about some funny stuff.. and the hilarity of watching the lowbies come through the mage district and see BO all over the place..

good times
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Some more goodies I ran across:



The Beginning through ~Dec 2008

-Server Opens

-Mahley, along with some other horde, make the Horde General chat go from OOC to RP

-Ghost Brigade forms.
- Gold Farmer attack on Crossroads a week after the server opened

-Divine Rite forms, the seed of RP that let Shadow council Flourish.

-Crusade Forms, in the ranks are famous names such as Robious and Elsymir

-Ex Infernum forms, with famous members such as Illia, Jertornas, and Rhoper, eventually gets the server first Lucifron.

-Hogger First Killed Febuary 27th, 2005

-RP is thriving, Shadow Council named the best RP server out of the existing five.

-The Argent Crusade Forms.

-The ORIGINAL Order of the Kirin Tor is formed, it becomes the fifth largest guild on the server, behind Crusade, Dominion, Da Good Mojo, and Ex Infernum

-The Deepwater Pirates form.

-University of Kalimdor forms, giving teaching jobs out to players and holding extensive and huge RP events.

-Order of the Nightsabre forms (Feb 26, 2005), lead by the huntress Aktarin. They become the first guild to have a racial requirement, but they slowly allowed members of other races to join.

-Crusade disbands. Largest guild on the server is no more. Members either join Luna or Dominion, most go freelance.

-Lunar Shades form 3/8/2005.

-Vanguard forms, eventually becomes a top raiding guild.

-Legion of Dragonkin forms, home to the famous Gruunk, found of drunken fish ball.

-The Order of the Kirin Tor disbands.

-Honor System is released, the Southshore and Tarren Mills War begins with names like Grimloc and Santiago standing out amongst the crowd as feared individuals.

-Ex Infernum is the first guild to down Lucifron.

-Beyond was formed by Xerathil on Shadow Council in early June 2005. It was one of the first Alliance guilds on our server to exceed 100 members.

-Da Good Mojo is disbanded. Mahley and crew form Voodoo Reborn.

-Devstyle Forms, lead by the rogue Gully.

-Ex Infernum splits, most members went on to form Ordo Victrix, others applied to Luna and Blades of Vigilance, which became Bladed Rose.

-The Piccolo Incident: a troll, being drunk ingame with his shirt off, being a pirate, saw a somber meeting in a public place that needed spicing up. Playing the piccolo of the flaming fire in the middle, it launched a small scale words war that extended to the forums for a while and dodged back and forth from RP to not RP

-Shadowcouncil.realmportal.com opened. Becomes the main place to find RP stories and archs for our server.

-The Golden Leaf is formed. Thus begins the longest running and still operated RP hotspot for the Alliance.

-The Laughing Zhevra is formed. It becomes the Horde's Inn, much like the Alliance's Golden Leaf.

-Equinox releases his first story, huge hit.

-The Deepwater Pirates first raid on Menethil Harbor

-Alliance excels in endgame content, Horde falls behind

-With the release of battlegrounds, SS/TM War dies.

-Simayi (Apologies, memory said Robious) appears out of nowhere and kills Thrage during his RP Wedding. Hilarity and Drama insued.

-Black Omen forms and becomes on of the most feared PvP teams in the battlegrounds.

-Nightside becomes first High Warlord.

-With the forming of Vanguard, Tempered Souls, Memento Mori Brigade, and The Lost, Horde endgame LEAPS and catches up right behind Alliance in BWL.

-Lanfear (I could be mistaken, correct of I am) becomes the first Grand Marshal.

-Members from Tempered Souls and The Lost merge to become Lost Souls. They later disband and reform as Fallout.

-Cult of Kerahl of formed. A group of friends who transfered for to WoW and Shadow Council from Ultima Online. Became amazing RP'rs and awesome villians.

-Gruunk becomes Patron Saint of fishing and drunken fishball!

-Feisty Corner Begins! (According to Kabak though, it pre-dates Agriculture.)

-Equinox's stories are revealed to the whole world when Worldofwarcraft.com named his site under Community Spotlight. People from across the game venture to his site and celebrate one of the many people who made our server famous.

-Sadhus of the Smoke becomes the first alliance guild to kill Thrall. They also were well known for killing the other faction leaders, such as Cairne and Sylvanas.

-The Birth of Packhunter. One of the most infamous people to ever grace our server. We all hated him, but most of us can’t help but miss him.

-Gaark, died on 12/13/06 of old age. After turning in Onyxia's Head, he walked out of Orgrimmar and died next to his long past wife.
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- continued -

-Arathi Basin Opens, Alliance holds the very first win.

-DOMINION reformed to become Archetype X, most successful raiding guild yet.

-Black Omen celebrates Luna's birthday. This event was host to the legendary episode in which one of the BO shadowpriests MCed Packhunter, allowing all the alliance folks to finally experience the pleasure of killing Packhunter for themselves.

-The Umbral Accord forms in late summer/fall of 2005.

-Da Good Mojo splits, turning into the Voodoo Reborn, who later reform to become A Twist of Fate. They reformed again and are now Voodoo Reborn.

-For fear of my knees, I must add Miffle, the Empress of the Goldshire. The most well known gnome amongst the veteran and the people who have been here since her amazing reign of Goldshire. Many looked up to her, many respected her, and many knees we're broken because of her. All hail, Empress of Goldshire, Miffe. (She is also a sweet, kind, compassionate, stunningly attractive and politically proactive Empress and played an amazing role in Shadow Council history. Now please, Miffle, spare my knees.)

-Maurgon becomes High Warlord.

-Leffick and Alac were the winners of the most honor scored in the opening weekend of of the honor system

-Voodoo Reborn, Ghost Brigade, Knights Hospitaller, Luna, Order of the Nightsabre, Lunar Shades, Alliance Highguard, and Devstyle remain the servers oldest surviving guilds.

-Sacrecrow is the first person to cast a spell on Vashj after the Bridge Event. What spell? Detect Magic.

-Black Omen, There and Back, Exodus, Exiled, and others grouped up to take down all of the Alliance world leaders in one night.

-One of the oldest alliance guilds on the server, Sadhus of the Smoke, sadly disbands. Ending one of the most longest lasting and most influential guild on the server.
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90 Dwarf Hunter
While not the most positive memory, the gm drama trolling was/is one of the most fond memories I had from SC. I don't remember many names, but it was fun not being part of the "main" group yet still being able to get same/more honor then them.

...and packhunter was my hero until he transferred.
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51 Gnome Rogue
Sorry to revive a dead thread, but I just wanted to add that my experiences on Shadow Council is the sole reason why this game was such a huge part of my life during my early teen years. I wasn't a huge PvP or RP name on the server or anything, but I remember almost everything mentioned in this thread and then some.

This character has over 30 days played and I never even hit level cap. The SC community back in 05-06 was amazing. I remember being part of the first and only all gnome guild on the server, the Yard Gnomes (might be Lawn Gnomes... I've already forgotten! :c ) And I remember my first day in the guild helping out with some wedding, but I can't for the life of me remember the names. I just know I had a lot of fun role playing memories with that guild.

Some names I DO remember: Konrad, the first friend I ever made in an MMO. Miffle, Kawaii, Gnarfold, Kyperion/Hyperion, Minxi ... all gnomes. The name Mahley is super familiar, but I can't remember if I actually knew who that was or If I just remember seeing the name a lot. I remember the Deepwater Pirates and how there was this troll from that guild who would always visited Goldshire and hang out with the lowbies. I remember Warforce, a gaming clan that for some reason had rolled on Shadow Council even though they had no real intention to RP. Doc Holiday and Gnarfold were some of my good friends on the server, until stupid 12 year old me ended up getting myself kicked out (I'm 19 now.)

Just thought I'd stop by and share some of my memories. This server ruled. Wouldn't have chosen anywhere else to have made my first toon. :)

Quick edit: A maybe not so funny story... being 11-12 during my tenure on SC, naturally I lied to pretty much everyone I met about my age. But judging by how I acted, I don't think I ever really had anybody fooled. Nonetheless, I still managed to have my own little group of friends. Too bad I only remember one of them, Kawaii... and then there was this other gnome that hung out with us. We'd run around Azeroth getting into all kinds of trouble. Ahh... good, good times.
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80 Human Death Knight
While not the most positive memory, the gm drama trolling was/is one of the most fond memories I had from SC. I don't remember many names, but it was fun not being part of the "main" group yet still being able to get same/more honor then them.

...and packhunter was my hero until he transferred.

You might want to try a Beatlejuice summoning...
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90 Troll Druid

-With the forming of Vanguard, Tempered Souls, Memento Mori Brigade, and The Lost, Horde endgame LEAPS and catches up right behind Alliance

Dark Lords of Chaos also formed at that time. With the help of The Lost who supplied a few missing ingots, DLoC gets Horde first Thunderfurry. A warrior named Judgement gets it and smashes many faces with it. DLoC disbands a few weeks after BC launch.

DLoC vs DWP forum drama is still remembered to this day in other threads. Good times, good times.

P.s: Don't ever let a bunch of pirates claim they are better then you !
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90 Gnome Warlock
Karlton it was Yard Gnomes, I was there!
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90 Human Warrior
Running pre mades with Grimmlok, Rytharin, Pharun, Shazadi and Dack of course!

PvP'ing at the Crossroads in between matches ...

I miss Zabraxas :P

All this was before x realm stuff

OMG Packhunter.... how could I forget him .. "RAM HO!"

And Brinnur
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90 Pandaren Monk
-Black Omen forms and becomes on of the most feared PvP teams in the battlegrounds.

-Nightside becomes first High Warlord.

Nightside! I have been trying to remember that name for months. My gnome rogue probably had more of Nightside's bootprints on his head than hair follicles.
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86 Undead Rogue
Glad to see Ex Infernum mentioned already; you know you're ancient if you've heard that name!

Used to haaaaate those guys.
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90 Orc Shaman
There once was this orc named Fleshgrinder.

He could be... less than cordial at times on the forums ((which he apologizes for)).

He killed Aktarin's bird... often. ((which he doesn't apologize for >.>))

And he and a merry band of misfits called Nightmare Legion may have lit Astranaar on fire... a few times.
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91 Night Elf Hunter
I'm very glad to see this post still going strong!

My best BC memories have to be with the guild Just Got Banned. Man did we have a ball in that guild. Morii, Carner, Caution, Swiftdagger and I had some awesome world pvp action going on. One of the best battles I remember was at crossroads against Necrosis and Merlinii. Us five were out numbered at least 10-5 And we managed to pull off a win. It was nuts.

And the duels in BC were the best. Truly epic...

Annnnnd who can forget Stormy? Easily one of the best pvpers shc has ever seen. His rise to fame came in BC as well...
Such a good xpack...one of the best in shc history imo
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