[H] <Datus Mortalis> 6/8 HM 25 LF YOU!

Datus Mortalis has been on of the top 25man guild's on Lightning's Blade since the beginning of WotLK and we our looking to continue our "casual hardcore" environment into the final chapter of Cataclysm. Raiding only nine hours a week, Datus Mortalis is a guild based around the triforce of loyalty, fun and killing bosses.

As many people base where to app based on past performance, we ended WotLK being the 2nd guild on our server to down heroic LK. In Firelands, we went 6/7 heroic modes with many of our kills being among the first on the server. Our server, Lightning's Blade, is home to many other raiding guilds as well as a strong conglomeration of PvP'rs, as well as being ranked as one of the higher PvE servers for progression in general. Even if Datus Mortalis is not for you, there are many other strong guilds on LB of both Horde and Alliance.

Feral Druid (dps OR tank)
Warriors (dps OR tank)
Prot Pally

Death Knight (with a strong ability to both dps and tank ONLY)

CLOSED (Exceptional apps only):
Rogues (no we will not hand you shiny daggers)
Enhancement Shaman
Priest (unless you have an amazing Shadow spec AND know how to heal at the hard mode level)

We generally are looking for people who wish to progress at the "hard mode" level of the game. If you believe are good at your class and/or are particularly good at a main raid role (healer or tank) then please feel free to apply. People who maintain a high level of experience on multiple spec (and are willing to play them) should make note one their application.

We are predominantly looking for people who have performed at the hard mode level in past content patches, however we are open minded if you can impress us with your ability to play well and handle new mechanics.

We currently run anywhere between 5-6 10mans a week in addition to our 25man run (most of which are full), but can provide openings for those who are particularly good at playing their alts or who aren't used during the main raid week cycle (You CANNOT directly app for 10mans). We also will continue to farm Firelands for trinkets, staves, and offpieces on the onset of Dragon Soul, and participation will only help your guild rep. (You also CANNOT app for our Firelands run, these are merely guild perks)

Raid Times:
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays: 9pm to MIDNIGHT

Currently we distribute loot based on rolls in a rotating fashion (i.e. modified loot council?) to help everyone equally gear to the best intention of the raid group. In general our focus as a guild is to succeed as a GUILD, not as BiS individuals. Our loot system is very fair to those who consistently show up, despite rank in guild - however, those who loot is of some major concern need not apply. Loot drama immediately results in removal from guild. (This sounds harsh, but we are a very fun, friendly guild and protect that reputation at all costs)

What you should know:
Feel free to check out our Rules and Regulations at

Exceptional players are always welcome, please apply www.datusmortalis.com
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90 Troll Druid
/wave and bump for an old PewPew buddy :D
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5/8 heroic 25!
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
All I can think now is finally you'll have the real rank on wowprogress lol.
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90 Undead Death Knight
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85 Troll Druid
Bump for change in URL due to domain expiring....they can be found here now:

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Btw, 6/8 HM ... title needs to be updated.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
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